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Irish Mental Health Issues: Teens and Depression–Problem and Solution

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One of the top Irish mental health issues facing Ireland involves young people. The Irish Times reports that one in three young people in Ireland are likely to experience some type of mental health disorder by their teenage years. The rate of mental health disorders among Irish young people is higher than that in Great Britain, Germany or the U.S., according to research reported by the Times.

The Irish online newspaper, depression, the list of Irish Mental Health Issues include:

• academic expectation
online bullying
• family breakdown
• pressures at home
• everyday difficulties in passing from childhood through adolescence

Teenagers are naturally prone to irritability and mood swings including bouts with low mood or depression. Part of this is due to changes that occur in the body during adolescent years. If you are experiencing mood swings due to pressures at home or school, or are dealing with difficult classmates, you might very well recover in a shorter time than you think. As you mature, gain more experience in life, learn what helps you control your mood and better learn how to deal with bouts of depression, as you gain more social skills, many of the emotions you experience as a teenager will pass into your personal history.

However, if you are experiencing serious and prolonged bouts of depression that might include suicidal thoughts, then it may be time to self-evaluate, make needed changes, and reach out for help.

First, address the source of your problems. If academic expectation is causing you difficulties or putting too much pressure on you, what can you do to overcome it? Are you carrying too heavy a workload? Or you trying to do too much? Maybe you need to better schedule your time after school so you can get all of your homework done and study for tests. Can your parents or older sibling help you with your homework? Is there an after school program that will help you to better structure your after-school time and help take the pressure off? Why not check with your counselor.

If you are the victim of bullying or tension between classmates, ask yourself, is there anything you can due to overcome the issue by direct communication with the source of the bullying? If that is not an option, can you talk to a counselor, school psychologist, a teacher you can trust, or a school administrator? Have you talked to your parents about it? What suggestions do they have and how can you put these suggestions into practice? Why not research ideas on dealing with bullying and depression. Beyond that, is there a support group in school that will help you deal with bullying?

Irish Mental Health Issues: Teen Depression and Talk Therapy

Talk Therapy is another way that teenagers can overcome depression and deal with issues that might be causing depression. Mayo Clinic in an article on depression treatment states that Talk Therapy sessions can help teens learn about “the causes of depression,” in assisting teens to develop problem solving abilities, develop coping mechanisms, and in goal-setting. Studies indicate that Talk Therapy is especially effective for teenagers who benefit from having a sympathetic adult listen to their problems and gently offer suggestions on how to overcome these problems. Talk Therapy sessions may be with a psychologist in school, a psychologist outside of school, and is even sometimes used effectively by school social workers.

Irish Mental Health Issues: Teens and Depression—Maintain a Positive Outlook

Teens, if you are experiencing pressure at home, pressure due to academics, anxiety as a result of being the victim of bullying, or just as a response to the normal pressures of being an adolescent, don’t give up or give in to despair. Realize that there is much that you can do to overcome mental health issues such as depression and that you can obtain needed support. You are not alone, hundreds of thousands in Ireland and millions in other countries are also going through the same thing, and that in time you can climb over and surpass seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Persist in your efforts and you will succeed.

Learn more about Ireland’s fight against Bullying! and spread the word about fixing the Irish Mental Health Issues now!

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