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iPhone Emoticons

iPhone Emoticons

When it comes to text messaging it may seem like this is a totally impersonal and horrible way to communicate feelings. Until recently, it was. With nothing more than a colon and a half parentheses to show that you were happy, people often had fun trying to come up with creative ways to let others know how they were feeling with nothing more than simple keyboard symbols. Learn about iPhone Emoticons here…

All that has changed however and there are now hallmarks called emoticons that can help you let everyone you are texting know just what you are feeling. It is helpful that in order to properly use emoticons, you know a bit about them, where they came from, how they are made, and some common symbols you might need to use in a conversation.

What is an Emoticon?

The first question you are likely to ask when texting is just what is an emoticon? The correct definition of an emoticon is a representation of a facial expression that is formed by using any variation of symbols or characters that are found on a typical keyboard. These are used to then convey feelings, emotions, and any other idea you may have. Anything can be an emoticon if it conveys feeling and emotions through the use of symbols. Some cell phones simply allow you to keep the symbol combination that you have entered resulting in a somewhat archaic looking symbol which is fun to try and decode. Other phones, like the iPhone are a bit more advanced and will change the emoticon to a cartoon based on the combination of symbols that you have entered.

Emoticons for iPhone

There are a ton of great emoticons for iPhone and they are great fun to use. There are some very common symbols that are used and the most common perhaps is of course the smiley face. There are a few different variations of this popular symbol including, :-), :), :D, and more. These symbols are commonly recognized by iPhone and other phones and will be converted to create the cartoon face that we are all used to seeing. You can find iPhone emoticons list if you visit any number of social media sites. When it comes to finding emoticons for iPhone, your best resource is the internet. Another common emoticon on iPhone is of course the sad face. There are a few variations of this as well including, :(, :-(, and more. You can create an emoticon out of just about anything you want but it may not be converted to iPhone text emoticons.

There are still more common symbols like laughing that can be used by combining XD, and more. Still another common symbol is the winky face. This is supposed to be flirty, fun ,and easy to use no matter what. This face is commonly made by combining ;). These are just the faces that you can make by combining symbols on your keyboard. There are still more that you can use by just installing an emoticon app on your phone. If you enjoy the challenge of making emoticons with just symbols to see what converts, have at it, but for those that want a bit easier time, there are some short cuts.

How to Get Emoticons on iPhone

There are plenty of free applications out there that claim to have tons of great emoticons but it is helpful to know what works best. The iPhone comes standard with a wide range of emoticons including the most common and even some fun seasonal and out there images. You can find them through your settings and on messenger when you use your phone. You can also turn them off if you want to use simple texting. In some cases, if you do not download a secondary program the other users you are texting may not see the emoticons that you are trying to send. In this case, it is best to download a program that will allow you to use emoticons across a wider range of phones. This type of program is going to be free in most cases and is great for those that do not want to have to fool with updating and activating the emoticons that come standard with iPhone.

You can download programs like Emoji that work with iPhone and can give you emoticons for iPhone 5 and emoticons on iPhone 4 as well as any other phones you may be messaging. This type of program is far more likely to have emoticons that may not be all that average and that you may not expect or even think of on your own. You can find other options for emoticons on iPhone if you visit the apple website and check out the forums that are available.

Why Use Emoticons?

There are a few different reasons why people tend to use emoticons and all are valid. The first is that it is often easier to let people know how you feel or what you are thinking without having to try to relate your feelings with nothing more than words. Another reason that people tend to use emoticons is that they are just plain fun. How many times have you gone to work totally bummed to get a text from your friend or significant other that has an emoticon and your spirits are instantly lifted? This type of technology makes it easy to help lift the spirits of those that you are texting without having to spend tons of time trying to figure out how to get the right message across with nothing but words.

Still another reason that people use emoticons is that texting itself is evolving whether we want to realize it or not. Pagers were the start with single lines of text that were limited to a certain number of words and characters that would fit within the small screen. Next came basic texting that was often limited to a word or two to get urgent messages across. Then came multi page texts that could be as long as a book and now we have the ability to add pictures to our texts. Though some people hate emoticons because it makes their texts look a bit like Pictionary, other people find it incredibly fun coming up with new emoticons that they can share with others.

Other Uses For Emoticons

Though most people just use these fun images to show people that they are happy or in love, others use them for a bit more salacious purposes. For every good thing there is a naughty side and there are in fact dirty emoticons for iPhone and other phones. Though most popular emoticon programs are not going to include these images, there are some common ones. There are even emoticons for body parts, acts, and even dirty words. Though not everyone uses these dirty emoticons, they are still out there and they can still be a good bit of fun between adults.

Can Anyone Use Emoticons?

Any phone can use emoticons. As mentioned before, your phone may not convert them to cartoon form but you can certainly still have fun creating emoticons that you and your friends can decode. Much like games that allow you to decode your pictures, texting emoticons when you do not have the auto convert feature is quite fun. You can find lists of popular emoticons online and some phones even include them in the overview packets.

Using emoticons is a great way to jump into the new age and make texting fun and bit easier to understand. Though you can text words without adding pictures, adding pictures does help make it a bit easier to see what you are doing and to tell if someone is happy, mad, sad, etc when they text you. There are plenty of texts that can only be enhanced with emoticons and other technologies. You can have tons of fun using emoticons and you can even find programs that list the emoticons and give you emoticons that are fun and easy to use.

Should I Use Emoticons

There are plenty of reasons that you can use emoticons and when it comes down to it, if you don’t like emoticons, don’t use them. If you love them like most people do, then go ahead and use them like everyone else. In most cases, you can find plenty of emoticons to use just by searching your phone or punching in a few characters. For those that are in search of more elaborate emoticons you can always download programs that give you more options and make for even more fun when you are ready o use them. Emoticons are great for those that want something fun, easy, and that will not add tons of effort and time to their texting experience that will add more fun. Emoticons are a great way to jazz up any text communication and that can make for a great time even when you are not around your friends and all you have is texting.

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