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Invest in Anti Bullying Posters

Invest in Anti Bullying Posters

People often say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is true on so many levels; especially when you’re dealing with bullies. That is why you need to invest in Anti Bullying Posters!

Bullies know no boundaries. They feel like they are in total control of their victims, no matter what type of setting they are in. Bullies abuse their power and authority at school, at home and at work, and cause people around them to become miserable and unhappy. What can be done to prevent bullying and who can help?

There are lots of ways to stop bullying in any type of setting. Sometimes speaking out is not an option. There are times when words do not speak as loudly as we want them to, and in cases such as these, pictures will have to do the speaking. “Anti bullying posters” sends a clear message to bullies. It lets them know in all certain terms, that bullying is not allowed, a no bullying poster will get the message across.

Anti bullying posters are seen hanging in offices around the globe. Millions of people, including businesses are taking a stand against bullying. Bullying has been overlooked or not noticed for years. Victims have been suffering in silence, because they were afraid of retaliation. In schools bullying is not allowed, but that does not stop bullying from occurring.

Schools have implemented very strict policies regarding bullying on school property. Schools zero tolerance policy let bullies know that their bullying behavior is not acceptable. This is the same type of policy that many businesses adhere to as well. Bullying in the work place is overwhelming for employees.

Employees are required to work under pressure for four to eight hours per day with their bullies. In some instances, their bullies happen to be their boss. How can companies protect their employees from being bullied on the job? What measures can companies take to ensure that their employees are safe?

Employers and companies can send out memos, update their company policy to include anti bullying practices. They can educate their staff on how to detect and report bullying and they can put out literature and hang up anti bullying posters. No workplace or playground shall be fair ground for bullying.

Anti bullying posters send messages to a bully that speaks loud and clear. Many individuals and companies create their own anti bullying posters. Most websites have made downloading anti bullying posters available to anymore. Bullies try to make their victims ashamed of whom they are. In the workplace bullying begins with the newly hired employee.

Everyone piles his or her desk with their personal work, they are frightened into performing menial tasks and they are often teased or picked on. They are called names for making simple mistakes and they are not included or invited to company’s functions, outside the office. Bullying is a very serious problem and if bullying is to be eliminated, everyone must do their part.

Here are some anti bullying poster sayings that people order, made and hang in obvious places. Words mean a lot, put words with or without pictures mean even more. If a bully can’t read, at least the bully will know what the poster mean. Bullying is not allowed, wanted, appreciated, needed or accepted, under any conditions. Office managers, business owners, school officials and others can hang their anti bullying posters in any room, building or setting. Such sayings that you can print on a no bullying poster include;

  • Bully free classroom
  • Keep calm and stop bullying
  • Side by side bullies don’t stand a chance
  • Home is where bullies aren’t
  • Bully free classroom
  • Nobody likes a bully
  • Don’t badger me
  • Just one can make a difference
  • I stand against all bullying

There are so many more anti bullying posters for parents, teachers and other adults to choose from. However the anti bullying poster everyone will most likely enjoy is the “Certificate of Empowerment.” The certificate shows the person’s name and makes a profound statement. The diploma says that the person in possession of this diploma has completed all course work. It also says that the person is a person of worth and of value. It also says that a person is a unique individual who will not be bullied. It has states that the person is a leader and not a follower. When words just won’t work, a poster will.

Everyone can get involved in preventing bullying. The only power bullies have is the power that is given to them. It’s time to take the control back and invest in Anti Bullying Posters!

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Got anti bullying posters ideas? Maybe you have designed some stop bullying posters or an anti bullying poster? Share this anti bullying poster with us and we will publish it for you. 

Do you have an idea for no bullying signs? share those no bullying signs with us and help raise bullying awareness with those anti bully posters. 

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  • Tom
    Aug 22, 2013 at 06:57 pm

    A great way to get the students involved is to have a contest where students create the posters and then vote on the winners.

    It is a very effective way to get a bunch of posters, get the kids involved and show kids that they can take an active role in preventing bullying!

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