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Interesting Verbal Bullying Facts

Interesting Verbal Bullying Facts

The consequences of bullying are dire and severe to the victim. There has been a lot of media coverage on the issue but still there has been little or no change. Unfortunately, not many parents seem to have the full insight of the tragic topic that is taking down many vibrant teens. If you had a chance of reading through some of the comments in online bullying sections, you will be surprised that there is still a long way to go on this matter. For instance, a number of people don’t not think that verbal bullying can lead to a heavy impact on the kids. To help shed some light and show the urgency of the situation, below are some statistical representations of verbal bullying facts related to the topic.

Verbal Bullying Statistics

According to a study conducted in 2005, one out of ten Internet users aged between ten and 17 years are victims of bullying. Interesting enough, half of the victims that were bullied online and offline by the same culprit were in a great state of distress and devastation. Notice that verbal bullying is also a prominent contributor of this scenario.

Other findings show that many kids in the United States skip school each day, just to evade the wrath of verbal bullies. This is one the verbal bullying facts that got the lips rolling as soon as it was made official. We are talking about 160, 000 children not attending school each day. You can therefore do your calculation and find out how much the kids would have lost come the end of the year.

Studies also show that 33 percent of middle and high school students have a strong conviction that their teachers can get to the bottom of verbal bullying cases. Funny enough, two out of three of them are convinced that they can’t get any kind of help in relation to bullying from their own teachers.

It has also been shown that bullies and aggressors are four times more likely to be involved in a criminal case and engage in suicidal thoughts when they become adults. You can as well term this as being haunted by their past heinous acts.

In 2007, a research was undertaken and found that over 80 per cent of verbal bullying cases took place in the inside of the school compound. However, nothing tangible was done by the school administration to fully settle the issues.

In terms of staff ability to handle bullying cases, only half of the entire teaching fraternity has received full training to handle this kind of cases. Considering the teacher to student ratio, this leaves a better part of the student population not catered for in the area of counseling.

In addition, male bullies use physical and verbal abuse less frequently as compared to their female counterparts. The females could either take on the victim face-to-face or through the spreading of rumors that blur the image of the target.

Amongst children, verbal assault is mainly based on the facial appearance and behavioral characteristics and not religious backgrounds or racial identity. This is another one of the most important verbal bullying facts. In most of these scenarios, the bullies were of the view that the target is responsible for showcased behaviors and the appearance part.

The above are just a few of the sample cases that give you the situation as it is on the ground. It is therefore justifiable to say bullying is merely an abuse of power by intentionally hurting others. Some of the most common traits of every bully include overconfidence, high temperedness, rebellion, and inflexibility. They have a special liking for inflicting pain to others any time an opportunity presents itself. You just notice them at a glance due to their determination to be seen as the dominant figure. They overeact to situations that do not call for that and they will readily hurl verbal abuses if you tend to step in their way. They are fond of perceiving hostile intents even where one doesn’t exist.

You will also be surprised to learn that many parents who suffered of verbal bullying will also be willing to let their kids take on vengeance on the other kids. Considering the fact that there are many of these parents, a new generation of bullies is frequently born.

Verbal Bullying Facts

Notably, as the bullies mature into adulthood, they start exhibiting the following signs and traits:

  • Suicidal thoughts
  • High levels of depression
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Deliberate violation of traffic rules
  • Carrying of dangerous weapons even to school
  • Unrealistic aggressiveness
  • It becomes hard for them to control their emotions
  • Regular involvement in crimes

The good news is that the bullies can change their life patterns and lead a normal life. But this will only be possible if they become entrenched in the acts of insulting others. Long term effects will not haunt them at any level. The big question is, are they ready to take on a new lifestyle?
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