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Importance Of Laws Against Bullying

Importance Of Laws And Legislation For Bullying

Having laws to protect against any type of bullying is very important, but often many people are not aware of these laws or even the pending legislation which can affect their kids. Without knowing about the information on the laws, you may improperly educate your kids on the laws. By knowing about some of these laws, though, it is easy for you to properly educate your kids about what can affect them on what they are doing. However, this can also allow you to teach your kids about some of the potential punishments they can face for the cyber bullying or other types of bullying which they may have carried out in the past. Learn about the Laws Against Bullying Now!

Laws Against Bullying: Laws Governing Cyber Bullying

One of the most common forms of bullying now is cyber bullying. This is the type which takes place over the Internet and even when your kids are at home, they may still be bullied. Up until recently not many laws were in place for covering this, but with the recent suicides and other problems it has been brought to a head. Here are some of the laws which are covering this aspect of bullying.

– Now the main problem which you will find is some states have no laws! This can be because it is pending in the legislation still or it just has not been cleared through any of the legislatures. However, some states do have some laws which are covering more of the smart phones or other items. For example, Wisconsin recently passed a law which is making it a misdemeanor on doing any harm to someone by using an electronic device or emails.

As you can tell the laws which are governing this is not really that strong, but many states are starting to adapt stronger laws. With these stronger laws people will finally take notice of them and know they cannot get away with the bullying anymore. Without these laws, which are missing in quite a few areas, the bullying will continue because there is not any type of legislation or laws to keep the bully in check. This is when it is so important for you to teach your children about cyber safety.

Laws Against Bullying: Cyber Safety Is Important

One of the best ways to protect your kids outside of the laws is to teach them about the safety they can use. The issue is you may not know about the safety aspects and what your kids can be doing to protect themselves. Once you know about this information, it is easy for you to educate them and know they will be safe each time they log onto the computer.

– Teach your kids about which websites they can go to. This is a rather important aspect to consider because many kids are not even sure which websites they can go to. However, when you are teaching them about the websites you can provide them with the information on which ones are safe, but also which ones have a moderator or other person to monitor all of the messages to guarantee the kids are safe.

– Educate your kids on how to report the bully to the moderators. Often all it takes is getting to report the bully to a moderator and they can take care of the problem. However, some kids do not know how to do this and even parents do not know how to do this. This is when you should have some form of an education on how you can report the bully to ensure they are not being mean to your kids all the time, but also will be able to take care of the bully instantly.

– Learn how to block people on the websites is another big issue. When you can block people they cannot get through the block. However, this is going to only block you from seeing what is going on. So you may still want to block them, but then report them for what they are saying about you or doing. Then you can rest easier knowing your children will be able to block the bully, but also report them for the behaviors which they have been doing.

Having to protect your kids from bullies can be easy if you know about the pending laws and even the laws which are on the books. The problem is many states are limited in what kind of laws they have, but also about pursuing them. This is when you should know more information about how you can teach your kids about cyber safety to guarantee they are properly protected and not going to be hurt while they are trying to enjoy themselves on the computer.

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