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How To Survive Bullying at Work

Bullying At Work, First Step is Understanding

Society is witnessing bullying at work very often. Many have done things to stop the torture of bullying at work and have made a tremendous difference. Bullying occurs at many different locations, work and school, online and other places. No matter where bullying occurs it is still dangerous. Bullying has numerous forms such as harassment, physical abuse and more hurtful forms. Bullying is undoubtedly bad for health and society. Many are working to stop bullying before it gets to a point of danger.

Bullying at Work: Bullying Starts Early

The school yard is one of the first places bullying begins or perhaps the playground but in any of these instances it is a learned activity. People who are bullies and the ones that take it learn the behavior early. Early bullying starts trouble for many other individuals who encounter this bully. Preventing early bullying from happening is of great importance. Lessening amounts of bullying is a great task in society and when bullies start to cease this is a task well completed.

Bullying often occurs at schools hurting young lives. This bullying is very dangerous and has been known to cause many students to become in need of a therapist. This is very bad because it affects families and communities everywhere. Schools are trying to end bullying by enabling their students to speak to them freely about them being bullied and then putting an end to this mayhem. Some school bullies tend to be dealing with trouble at home. Without strong role models or people who do not encourage this behavior they tend to do this.

Bullying at Work: Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is a popular method of bullying. Cyber bullying is just as effective as bullying a person with physical contact. Cyber bullying is very dangerous because many cannot take what is being said or insinuated online. This is unsafe for bullies and those who are being bullied. Many are trying to stop cyber bullying by making sure moderators are around. Cyber bullying is stopped by moderators who watch to see if bullying is in action. Cyber bullying is found in various websites and this is very bad for those who do not want to encounter this. Police go undercover online to find the forms that are illegal and to stop them, however protecting people from this invisible threat is getting harder with improvements in technology.

With so many people working online with videos and social networking people are more open to bullying from anonymous sources. It is easier to hide and increasing daily. Some bullies are afraid to bully physically and decide to do cyber bullying instead. Social Media sites have put protections in place but they cannot do it all. Popular social networking sites are known for bullying because there is so much information put online that bullies have an opportunity to destroy lives.

Opening an email and finding threats are sloughed off by many but others take this in, particularly when the threats keep coming. The victim may not know why or from whom. This is the new way of harassing innocents. Holding a computer hostage with malware, is also a form of bullying users are beginning to encounter. Some have the software and the know how to avert this technical bullying but many have fallen prey to these maneuvers. Email threats are very scary and could be life threatening. Some prevent this by blocking those who are not on contacts. This is an effective method used by many but there are others who are still falling prey to email threats.

Bullying at Work: Safety

Bullies often have no regard for safety and tend to only care about making others miserable. This is unfair to those being bullied but the culprits do not care. Bullying is unsafe no matter what method of bullying is being used. This is very troubling to those involved. Bullying starts many different problems for those being bullied such as mental abuse toward themselves and more. Many are trying to bring bullying to an end so that the safety of others is not in danger.

Prevention of bullying stops many’s safety from being endangered. Bullying completely destroys lives and doing this it destroys society. Prevention from bullying saves lives and society from being completely destroyed. Bullying is done globally and stopping bullying can end its terror. Many groups have been created to stop bullying from hurting lives.

Getting help for someone who was bullied or being bullied is of great importance. Therapists are there to help those who are trying to deal with bullying. Therapists have been helping those who have been bullied for centuries and are still helping in this. Those seeking help are taking several steps to recovery from bullying. Some are unsure whether to stand up to a bully or run away. Bullying needs to be stopped at its tracks so that no one else gets harmed in bullying.

People work on jobs every day and are afraid of losing their income if they report bullying. A recent television show aired the problem of managers taking advantage of workers. The harassment was not sexual and the company stopped it when it was revealed to a higher up but the employees out of fear suffered the indignation. The manager knew this particular group was at a disadvantage and needed their jobs. This is not unusual and people bully others in this way every day, taking advantage of a need to stay safe on the playground of life.

Easing bullying from happening makes a tremendous difference. Bullying has lessened over years and is still being put to a point of not continuing. Those who have been bullied appreciate it being stopped and not continuing. Preventing is done in several steps. These steps are not a strain to do and could stop troublesome bullying. There are protections for abuse at home and sexual harassment disciplines are written into the laws of the land but the unseen and unreported instances are still there being suffered by those too fearful or weak to report them.

Learn how to report bullying and cyber bullying. 

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