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How to Report Bullying, The Secret of Removing the Noise

You have to know that throughout your life, you’re bound to meet people who simply have it in for you; not because you mistreated or harmed them in anyway, but because you inadvertently struck one of their chords, and provoked a well-hidden issue or complex- which they’d never acknowledge. Learn how to Report Bullying the right way!

Bottom line: they just don’t like you and there’s nothing you can do about it. You’ll probably never be able to win them over because they have issues, which they’re either intentionally or unintentionally allowing to influence their judgement.

And that’s definitely not your fault unless you intentionally brought it on for yourself, which is hopefully not the case.

So you have to learn how to distinguish what you have a hand in, and what you’re unfortunately caught in the middle of.

Let’s make it simpler.  Just Report Bullying!

Next time someone you’d just met treats you awfully: KNOW THAT IT’S THEIR PROBLEM!

And next time you slip and say something silly, and someone gives you a hard time for it: KNOW THAT IT’S THEIR PROBLEM!

Last but not least, whenever someone makes you feel uncomfortable every time they see you, or tries to embarrass you or make you look bad: IT’S THEIR PROBLEM!

There’s a little thing we call “Sadism”, and some people thrive on it; some people feel better about themselves when causing others pain, and by giving them any additional attention you really are endorsing their twisted behaviour, and giving them the satisfaction they’re after.

So don’t take it personally, and stand up to the bullies, but be smart about it; show that you’re fearless but also that you can rise above it.

Give them mixed signals; occasionally point out that you realize that they are being mean and actually weak and pathetic, but also show them that you don’t care by ignoring them. Let them know how truly insignificant they are.

It might sound hard to but you can be tough!

Report Bullying: How to react:

Reacting depends on who you’re facing; if it’s someone you can deal with face-to-face (i.e. someone from your school or neighbourhood), then you’ll know how to tackle the situation accordingly- I know no one wants to be a snitch; but if it’s a complete stranger, here’s what to do:

When Cyber Bullying happens, it’s important to document the behaviour so it can be addressed (save and write down everything that’s going on so that you have sufficient evidence against them)

Who to Report Bullying to:

Online service providers

Law enforcement agencies (in case of perverted, sexually explicit, threatening or violent behavior- ex. taking photos of a person in an area that should be private; stalking etc…)

Steps to Report Bullying:

1-Don’t respond to cyber bullying messages (as tempting as it is sometimes to fight back; some bullies are actually turned on by the attention, ignoring them also gives you a chance to think clearly while reducing the pressure of having to think of an appropriate retort)

2-Keep evidence, record dates, times and descriptions of instances in which it has occurred

3-Save and print screenshots, e-mails and text messages; and use it to report to web and cell phone service providers

4-Block the person

For Australian residents, you can contact the Australian communication and media authority’s Cyber Safety Contact Center

If you live in the UK, you can also contact the online child exploitation and online protection

-Depending on your specific issue, you may want to contact the Virtual Global Taskforce; an international partnership of 9 law enforcement agencies across the world with a focus to help protect children from online abuse.

How to Report Bullying If the bully is undetectable:

-Saving e-mails with full headers (headers are all the letters, numbers and symbols that you either see at the top or bottom of emails you’ve received); if you can’t see this information, then research how to show headers in your email programs. (It’s fairly easy to know how)

Headers contain info such as the subject, recipients name and email, and info that can pinpoint his location in the real world.

Don’t let them get to you.

Know that they’re the glitch in the system; not you. It’s opposed to human nature to want to harm someone else, so if someone’s doing that to you because of something you have no control over…then they’re the ones with the abnormality.

Remember this when it comes to learning to Report Bullying!

The frail are not those who break, the weak are those who strive to break others. For the first are only human; but the latter are a fearful group, who can’t confront their own storms, so choose to enforce them upon others.

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