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How to Prevent Bullying

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Bullying has become a serious issue in our culture that affects both young children and adults. The headlines in recent years have included many incidences of bullying, the long term effects, and sometimes the fatal consequences that follow. The best way to deal with bullying is to take steps to prevent it in the first place. The following information discusses the ways parents, educators, and companies can work to prevent bullying. We believe you need to learn more on How to Prevent Bullying for you and your loved ones now!

How to Prevent Bullying at School

The place where children should feel safe, unfortunately, is often the place where bullying begins. Parents need to make time to talk with their child on a regular basis. Bullying usually doesn’t start out of the blue. It is often a problem that builds over time. By communicating with our children on a daily basis concerning what happens at recess, during lunch, and with their friends, we will have a much better chance of discovering the beginning of a bullying situation before it escalates.

Discuss bullying and its negative effects with your child before he or she starts the school year. Even young children can be taught that it’s inappropriate to pick on or make fun of others. Be aware of the school’s bullying policy. Make sure your child understands that sort of behavior is unacceptable and who he or she can go to at the school for help. What exactly bullying is and what it isn’t must be clearly defined, especially for younger children.

Unfortunately, administrators and teachers sometimes feel as if they’re walking on eggshells when it comes to dealing with bullying. They’re afraid to accuse the offenders and sometimes find it difficult to deal with the parents of a bully. To remedy this situation there are several things that schools can do. For starters, children should be under adult supervision at all times during school hours. There should be a counselor or another teacher on staff that students can talk to regarding bullying. There should be programs in place to educate children. Examples could include having students work on banners or slogans to hang on the walls and promoting bully awareness days. If a child’s school does not have these types of programs in place to deal with bullying, a parent should attempt to work through the school board, the PTA, or other school associations to start them.

How to Prevent Bullying in the WorkPlace

Bullying in the workplace is often more of a problem than many people realize. It is in a company’s best interest to properly train employees and put steps in place to deal with incidents of bullying. If left unchecked bullying not only can damage individuals and lower morale but can end up bringing potential lawsuits against the company. In a worst case scenario it can lead to retaliation and workplace violence.

Managers and those in leadership positions must be trained to recognize and promptly deal with bullying. Unfortunately, managers are sometimes the bully. For this reason the administration must see to it that employees have more than one person that they can safely go to when reporting bullying.

As difficult as it may be, employees need to set clear boundaries regarding the workplace bully. Confronting the bully in a calm but firm voice is necessary. Those being bullied must set boundaries such as letting the person know that he or she is not welcome at their desk or work area. Document the time, place, and the incident whenever the bully acts in any inappropriate manner. Note if there are any witnesses to the event.

According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, those being bullied need to name the behavior and call it what it is. Using the terms psychological harassment, emotional bullying, etc. will help empower the person being bullied. It is also recommended to use facts when relating what is happening with the bully to management. This may include discussing how the bully is affecting morale and productivity as well as listing specific incidents that have occurred. Talking only about the emotional damage done to one employee may not be enough to convince managers to risk taking action.

Raising happy, confident children who learn to stand up for themselves without being aggressive is a goal every parent should have. Educating a child on what is or isn’t appropriate behavior begins as soon as the child starts school or enters any sort of social situation with others. Learning how to prevent bullying continues throughout the educational process and into the workplace.

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