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How to Overcome Bullying: A Safe Space For Bullying Victims

Normally when you have a victim of a bullying situation you will want to make sure they are safe as possible after it has happened. However, this may involve having to set up or start creating a safe space for bullying victims. When you can do this, you can easily have the victim set off from the bully and not have to worry about them being bullied at any time, until they are ready to go back to the general area and face the stresses again. Without this type of safe space, you may end up having a victim who is not ready to go back to the region and this can easily lead to your victim being bullied again and again. Then after being bullied so much the victim may end up snapping and this can easily lead to them hurting themselves, others, or even dropping completely out of sight. Learn about teaching victims How to Overcome Bullying!

How to Overcome Bullying: Set A Space Up In A Different Room

Generally the best way to get the victim to recover is by getting them set up in a completely different room. By doing this, you are removing them from the potential of being picked on, but also helping them in recovering from the bullying by getting to be separated from any of the problems they may have had in the past.

– The separate room should not completely remove the victim from the populace. So you would want to have the entrance to this room to be in the general hallway and not have a separate door. By doing this, you can start to have the proper feeling of your victim, but also know they are going to be exposed to the other kids. Then you can finally start to get your victim back into the populace slowly, but in the hallways they will be able to quickly move away from the bullying and the problems which they may have.

– Something else you should consider with the separate room is to guarantee their is enough spacing between the seats that the victims of the bullying in the room do not start to bully the other kids. For example, you may have an entire classroom set off for the victims, but you should make sure their is enough space for the kids to avoid having the off chance of contact. When they have this type of contact with each other it should be supervised to guarantee they are safe and not bullying the other kids.

– Adult supervision in these rooms is another aspect which you should be thinking about as well. Generally when the victims are in these separate rooms, you would want to staff the rooms with enough adults to provide a good ratio of kids to adults. For example, for every five kids you may want to have one adult or something along those lines. Then you would not have to be concerned about the kids becoming so numerous they are lacking the supervision they need to have and start picking on the other kids.

How to Overcome Bullying: Guarantee The Room Entrance Is Monitored

Normally when a victim is taken to a separate area, they could easily talk to the adults or other people to explain what is going on with them. Then the victim could easily be a witness to what the bully did and caused. So you should be careful on who is allowed into the room because the bully may come into the room to intimidate the victim into not talking. Then you would have a victim in the room, but who does not feel safe in the room because the bully can easily gain entrance into the room.

– Have someone watch the entrance of who is coming in and out of the room. By keeping an eye on the people who are coming into and out of the room, you can finally start to know the victim is safe because the door keeper can easily keep some people out of the room. Without this, you will have a free entrance and this can lead to the victim being bullied time and time again, then you would lose the safe zone you are trying to create for your victims.

– Locking the doors is another aspect which you would want to look for as well. With a locked door, you can start to have the victim be protected from people barging into the room. However, you will also find the locked doors make it easier for you to finally have a great way to control who is coming and going into the rooms. Then your victim will have a chance to settle down and start to know more about the protection which is being afforded to them.

– Cameras are a great way for you to control who is coming and going into the rooms as well. Normally protection can come from getting to find out who the bully is and doing something about this problem. When you are trying to do something about this, you will find a camera can easily record who is coming and going into the specific rooms which are identified as the safe rooms. Then you can start to identify who the bully is if they are coming in for only a short time period and leaving right away or if they are seen on the camera as talking to any of the victims in the room and the victim is becoming visibly upset by the conversation.

How to Overcome Bullying: Have Properly Trained Supervisors

A great way to build the trust aspect and keep these rooms safe is by having the properly trained staff to keep an eye on the rooms. When you have the properly trained staff they can ensure the security of the rooms, but also get to have the rooms be safe enough for the students to be able to talk to the person.

– Use school security personnel for this job. If the school has a couple of security officers, then they may want to look at using them to guard this room. By having them guarding the room, the bullies cannot get into the rooms, but they will also have more of a challenge in getting into the rooms. Then the victim will start to feel more at ease and be able to open up more about what kind of abuse the bully had been putting them through, instead of having to settle for the fact they have become a favored target of the bullies.

– Counselors are a great option as well to have inside of these rooms. Typically the counselors will make it easier for you to have the confidence of getting the victims to talk, but also will know what to say to help smooth the situation over. Then you will find the victim will have enough trust they do not mind talking to the counselors or the other people. Without this, you will have a victim who is sitting their with a lot of pent up emotions and then not having anyone to talk to they would easily go to the bully again. Then the person will continue to be bullied until they are doing something which they never thought they would be doing before.

– Teachers who are able to educate the kids on multiple subjects is another person who you may want to have staffing this type of room. Typically when the kids are in these rooms, they will still have school work to complete. Since they are going to have this work to complete, you will want to have a teacher in the room. The teachers should have a good well rounded knowledge base. Then they can easily get in touch with the students and help guide them in what they need to know and answer the questions they have concerning the work they are doing. Without this, the victim may become even more distraught as they could start to fall behind on the school work which they should be doing.

– Aides is another option which the schools and other locations can use to staff these rooms with. By using the aides, the quality of the education is not suffering terribly, but the school does not have to employee specific people for this job. Then the teachers will have a free time to get their work done, but also the security officers can patrol the school like they should be doing. Then you do not have to be concerned about the school grounds becoming unsafe for the kids or the other teachers.

Having to set up a bullying room for the victims can be a difficult thing to do. However, if the bullying is happening on a regular basis, then this may be what is required. This is when you need to have some advice on creating a safe space for bullying victims.

By having this advice, you can finally have a great time in helping the victims, but also help the victim know the bullying is not their fault at all. Instead, they can start to feel better about themselves and know they can finally go on living their life like they want to, without having to fear the bully coming after them all the time. Then you can start to see the kids live like kids should, happy and go lucky.

Learn more about Bullying here and how to create a safe space for bullying victims!  Explore more from us on How to Overcome Bullying for victims and How to Overcome Bullying for parents. 

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