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How to Motivate Yourself: The Secret Recipe

How to Motivate Yourself

We, humans, are moody creatures. We can have our days of utter productivity, and then we can fall into the slumber of dullness and the lack of motivation. New opportunities are always exciting. Watch yourself as you start a new job or at the beginning of the school year. You’ll probably be so lively and energetic; you’ll want to prove yourself. Do 3 times better this time, avoid all of last time’s mistakes, and make sure everyone knows what you’re capable of. One month later, the excitement will shrink. You’ll watch yourself fall back into old habits. You will procrastinate, then you will justify it. You will give yourself the greatest excuses and promise yourself that tomorrow is a brand new day – that you will make up for all the wasted time, you will double your efforts and get everything finally done. And then you will procrastinate some more. Perhaps then what is missing is not a few tips on how to motivate yourself, but a lifestyle transformation: a whole new take on an age-old issue.

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Motivate Yourself: Spot Where It All Went Wrong!

What is the solution? You’re all good intentions and you know you can, but it keeps coming down to the same thing: you’re bored and burned out. Nothing seems to work out for you. And the couple of things that initially do quickly lose their glamour, and you’re tired of falling back to zero over and over again. Like the rest of us, you probably know that you can’t solve a problem you can’t yet define. So the first step here is to pinpoint your issue. That might sound like trying to find a needle in a haystack, because, well, there are a thousand thoughts and a thousand more feelings inside each of us. Where does the issue lie and how can you find it?

You can find it by experience. Look back at the past years. When were you most excited about a job and when were you least happy? What fires you up and gets you out of bed for a morning jog? Which diet lasted with you the longest?

The keyword here is consistency: a routine that can keep you going, not like a machine, no; nobody wants that. But a pattern you can fall back to that pushes you forward even if you can’t stand leaving your warm comfy bed today.

We all get bored. We have all felt that a job, a goal, or a new diet is sucking the joy out of our life. And we wanted to throw it all away and retreat to a happy carefree life of snacks and sitcoms. But how did those who managed to go on do it?

Ask yourself: do you quickly bore? Do you lose focus? Do you need a sense of direction? Or is it that you’re choosing the wrong road altogether? Is this not the right job for you or are you simply exaggerating what could be a simple passing setback?

If this is the job of your dreams, if you know where you’re going and you’re happy with the choice but the details are what is making you miserable, then your issue is demotivation. If you know your body deserves a better treatment, if your attempts at diets and working out come out of your deep concern for your health and emotional well-being, then you know you’ve got the right goal. If becoming a doctor is all that you’ve ever wanted and the long hours of study are the precious price to pay, then you know you need a new sustainable approach to life in order to motivate yourself.

If you fit into one of the categories up there, stay put. We will help you motivate yourself. But if you’re having doubts about what you really want, your goals are not clear and your vision for the future is blurry, then you probably need a complete change of direction. Find what you love and get at it. Don’t waste any more time trapped in the wrong life.

How to Motivate Yourself at Work

Now that you’re sure this is the job of your dreams, it is important to hold onto it and overcome whatever obstacle that comes in your way.

Beautify Your Work Environment!

You will probably spend more than half of your day in your office, and it should be where you start to motivate yourself . It is completely natural to feel like the long hours and the too-many tasks are burdening you, especially if you work in a huge company with many other employees like yourself, all in suits, all in the same shapeless cubicles. The settings can be depressing. But they don’t have to be.

Add personal items to your desk: a picture of a family member that would be tremendously proud of you, or that of another family member whose life you can seriously improve when you have the means. Whenever the job gets boring or exhausting, it would definitely help to remember why you’re doing it all. Imagining their smile or their proud happy faces could help you through the darkest of days.

Add a beautiful drawing that soothes you or a small poster of your favorite singer. Items that have positive connotations for you can help enhance your mood. Experts advise you of choosing an office with a window; it is relaxing to be able to look outside and see the sky and the green vast lands around; it reminds you of the big beautiful world out there. But realistically, not everyone can work right next to a window, so to overcome that, hang up a painting of your favorite natural setting, or a photograph of scenery that captivated you before.

In short, surround yourself with reminders of good times. Create your own friendly environment. Make it your personal space and add life and colors to it. It doesn’t have to look like a prison cell.

Challenge Yourself!

Not every job can allow you the opportunity of creating something or seeing the end-goal of your hard work. That can be frustrating since you put all this time and effort and you don’t see a concrete result in the end. The trick to motivate yourself is to set goals for yourself. Your boss might not recognize those; they will be yours and yours alone. Set yourself a daily target. The target can go up every week as you challenge yourself, motivate yourself and manage your time better. Watch your progress. Make a small Excel sheet of your daily goals and watch as your quality improves. The little daily achievements work like magic.

Don’t Isolate Yourself!

We spend far more time in our jobs than we would want. But the more you think of it as an obligation the more you will hate it. Think of it as part of your journey to motivate yourself. Make friends and indulge yourself in work activities. Good relations and good friends are a great asset in a job. Whenever you’re too bored to write another word, leave your desk and have a little chat with a colleague. Lighten up the mood and familiarize with everyone. You may eventually find some hidden fun and entertaining company amidst your working hours.

Secretly Do What You Love!

Every job has a few dull bureaucratic tasks. To motivate yourself, challenge yourself and find a creative way of doing them instead of the old boring methods. Your boss will definitely appreciate it if you introduce a new concept. Don’t trap yourself in the box. Look at the bigger picture and aim to impress. The rewarding feelings you will get out of making an adventure of your everyday tasks can revive your passion for the job you love.

Finally, remind yourself that this is what you want and what you have worked hard to achieve. Keeping that in mind will give you the extra push you’ll need every once and a while. Here are a few tips to fall back in love with your job.

How to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

Paying attention to how you look and how you feel about yourself contributes a great deal to how you generally feel about life. If you’re not pleased with what you see or are too insecure about it, making a difference is probably the right thing to do for you. But you’ve tried a thousand diets and you can never get yourself to commit to the gym. What should you do? How to motivate yourself to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle without giving in to the endless temptations of your favorite junk food restaurant right across the street?

Have a Little Conversation with Yourself!

Now sit with yourself and ask yourself this: why do I need to lose weight? Visualize your answer and write your thoughts down. Add a drawing or two of the new you you’re hoping to achieve. Write down how you would feel by then: that you’ll enjoy the glow of health in your cheeks and the general lightness in your walk; that you will absolutely love trying new clothes and your confidence will hit the roof.

When you’re done, hang your little project up. Keep it in front of you. It’s important to think in the future tense when you’re doing a hard task you don’t enjoy with a greater goal in mind. Keeping your eyes at the prize is a great way to motivate yourself.

Set Realistic Goals!

Setting unreasonable goals is the worst thing you can do to yourself. You cannot lose 80 pounds in a month. If you work really hard and follow the strictest of diets, you still won’t get there, and the disappointment might set you back as well. Alternatively, set a goal of 15 pounds. When you achieve that, the satisfying feeling you will get will push you into the next 20 pounds. Remember that it’s better to go slow and steady.

Surround Yourself with Supporters!

A friend with similar goals and strong determination can do you wonders. Surround yourself with people with the same goal in mind. Don’t throw yourself in the face of temptations then blame your will for giving in. A friend around will force you into sticking to the plan and will push when you’re too tired to walk the extra mile yourself.

If you do not have a friend of this sort, you can resort to social media. Find an online diet partner. You can share your daily routine together and encourage each other when either of you is demotivated. Besides, going public with your intentions of losing weight will pressure you into carrying on with it. You wouldn’t want to disappoint yourself or your friends and it will be harder for you to consider quitting.

How to Motivate Yourself to Study

Much like our tips on how to motivate yourself to lose weight, having a study partner can be mutually beneficial. With the long hours and the complicated curricula, you might find yourself putting off studying to the farthest time possible. Here are a few things you can do to avoid cramming up your studies at the last minute.

Tutor Others!

Tutoring some of your classmates is one of the best approaches you can take to motivate yourself to study. Teaching someone else eventually ends up teaching you, and it’s more fun and way less stressful.

See What Works and What Doesn’t

Monitor your behavior when you study and what you have got out of it a few hours after. What information sticks in your head and why? If you’re more of a visual person, you will find that using pictures in your studies can help you memorize the information better.

Accordingly, pick the method that works best with you and apply it on the rest of your studies. When you can see for yourself how productive your studying session was, it is bound to motivate you into a better less time consuming studying.

Reward Yourself!

Give yourself periodic quizzes along the way. Doing well at a quiz will provide you with the needed confidence to keep going. Reward yourself for your good grades and keep your goal in front of you. Remind yourself that it is yet another step in your road to a bright future.

How to Keep Yourself Motivated

Now that you’re already familiar with how to motivate yourself at work or how to motivate yourself to study more efficiently, the question is how to keep it up. After the first push, the first spurt of positive energy, how to keep stay on track should be your main concern.

Don’t get dragged into a routine of doing things. Always renew. Pause. Take a breath. And try doing it differently. Treat every task, every goal in your life, not as an obligation, but as a step in the right direction: a part of the journey that you should enjoy and cherish.

The most important lifestyle change you’ll need is to think positively. Conquer your negative feelings of boredom and frustration with a clear vision and a relaxed mind.

The secret to how to keep yourself motivated is simply to want to: to want to stay motivated, to not give in to yourself. Here are a few more self-motivation tips.

Good luck with your future endeavors!

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