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How to Help Someone with Depression

Bullying and cyberbullying are events that happen to millions of school aged children around the world. It consists of a wide variety of actions that someone inflicts on another person to make that person feel low. People bully for a multitude of reasons. Some of them learned to be that way from watching their parents interact with people. Some of them feel low about themselves, so they relieve the bad feelings through abuse. Other people may have not had the proper nurturing and upbringing. Therefore, they do not really know how to behave. No matter what the reason is for bullying or cyberbullying, it is unacceptable and must be stopped. Additionally, the victim and the abuser would need help. Both parties might need to Learn How to Help Someone with Depression and help them get their lives back together.

How to Help Someone with Depression: What is Depression?

Depression is an overwhelming feeling of worthlessness that renders a person immobile emotionally and physically. Someone who is suffering from depression might isolate himself or herself from other people. Therefore, a teen who is being bullied in school might begin spending the majority of his or her time in a dark room. Depression also tends to make people teary. Such people will also lose their appetites and lose interest in all the activities that were once enjoyable. A teen who is quietly suffering may start performing poorly in school and in sports.

Depression has a series of possible causes. Some experts believe that genetics cause it. Other experts give brain chemicals the credit for causing depression. An alternative cause of depression is environmental factors such as abuse, bullying and cyberbullying. If a person constantly receives negative input and feedback, eventually that person may become affected by it. Depression can come from the negative thoughts processed by bullying victim.

How to Help Someone with Depression: Bullying vs. Cyberbullying

Bullying is any form of intimidation or abuse that happens on the school grounds. Cyberbullying happens on the computer in chat forums and through electronic email and instant messaging. Both types of bullying includes the same acts and behaviors. Calling someone stupid, fat, ugly and worthless are examples of the type of behaviors involved in bullying. Threatening to spread a rumor about someone or harm that person in any way is another type of bullying. Bullying can consist of more subtle actions, such as ignoring someone or giving that person a negative stare or vibe.

How to Help Someone with Depression: Getting Help for Bullying

Parents can get depression help online for bullying. The first step in getting help is getting the child to open up about the incidents. Many teens are embarrassed that someone has exercised a sense of power over them. They may not feel like talking about the bullying right away. The best way for a parent to get a child to open up is by giving that child plenty of love and attention, and letting him or her know that he or she can feel comfortable with disbursing any information.

Once the child does come forward about the bullying, the parents can work with him or her on trying to find a way to combat it. Depression help online can help a family to see the sun shine again. It can provide a multitude of resources that work to stop bullying in its tracks, and get the victim back to good mental and emotional health.

How to Help Someone with Depression: The Movement Against Bullying

The Movement Against Bullying is an organization that provides a wealth of statistical facts, stories, news and help resources for the people who are affected by bulling and cyberbullying. Help is available for the teachers who work with the students as well as the parents and the teens themselves. The online site teaches people how to prevent cyber bullying. It gives them the statistical information on the number of people who go through bullying each year, so that they can understand that they are not alone. The site also defines online terms such as “trolls”, so that victims can spot them before they get a chance to start trouble.

Trolls are abusive people who like to get attention by putting down other people. Trolls might visit forums and say negative racial comments, call someone a moron, or argue over a point that is not worth arguing. Most trolls do it to get attention, while others are so unhappy in their lives that they would like someone else to feel their pain. The internet is the easiest way for someone to pretend to be another person.

Anyone who is concerned about someone in his or her life due to bullying can visit for support, education and information. Bullying is something that many states are working to abolish with new laws and stricter internet monitoring. Parents, teachers and children can join the movement against bullying today.

Explore all the aspects of teenage depression.

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