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How to Get Verified on Twitter

How to Get Verified on Twitter

Anyone is able to open up a Twitter account. The social media network allows you to easily create the account through just a few steps. Once you have the account, you can send out short messages and images to followers, plus you have the capability of following just about anyone you want as well. However, while using Twitter, you might notice some of the people do have a check mark next to their name. What exactly is this check mark? It symbolizes that they are verified. Verified means the person has confirmed they are who the Twitter account says they are. Usually, you are going to find this only is connected to famous people and their Twitter accounts (such as celebrities, politicians and others), but it does not mean you are unable to verify your Twitter account. If you are wondering how to get verified on Twitter, there are a few different options to obtain the Twitter verified account.

First off, you need to determine if you actually qualify for a verified Twitter account. While everyone is able to have a Twitter account, not everyone is able to have a verified account. Doe to this, you need to look over the different requirements of a verified account. First, if you are a highly recognizable person or if your name or likeness is often parodied over the Internet and on Twitter, it means that you probably need to have a verified account. It is important to understand that Twitter is not going to consider verifying your account simply because you have a large number of followers. This does not mean anything at all, which is why you need to look past just the numbers you have on your account. Also, the number of tweets you post to your account does not matter either, so it is necessary to keep this in mind as well. Essentially, when it comes to how to get Twitter account verified, you need to have a reason to ask. If you just want the check mark, it probably is not going to work, but if you are either famous, run a small business or have some sort of reasoning as to why you require a verified account, it might work in your favor.

When thinking about how to get your Twitter account verified, you need to make sure and ask Twitter nicely. You do not want to demand it, because really Twitter does not need to do anything for you. You need to directly message Twitter with your account name, your full name, location, an official website (consider placing a Twitter logo somewhere on your account in order to speed up verification), your bio information, contact information and any other kind of additional material you might think is necessary. After this, you just need to wait for Twitter to respond to your message. If you receive the verification from Twitter, you just need to follow the instructions in the message they provide you. If they believe you do qualify, Twitter is going to directly message you to let you know this and point out exactly what you need to do.

While this is the basic method for how to get a verified account on Twitter, there are some ways you can improve your chances. As long as you follow these steps, it should improve your chances of landing the verified account. Twitter does not approve just anyone, so you need to make sure they see why it is necessary for you to be a verified individual. First. Twitter is going to state that it does not matter how many Tweets you send out matters in the consideration of your account. However, you should be an active individual on Twitter. If you apply and you only have five messages sent over the last two weeks, chances are Twitter is not going to take the time to verify your account. Instead, you want to stay active, post frequently and be interesting as well. You do not want to troll at all, as this is a quick way to have your account denied, and you also should follow other verified accounts as well. Of course, if you have a few extra bucks sitting around while how to get a verified Twitter account, you can bring in someone to do it for you. This is done through the help of an agent. Celebs do not request for their account to be verified on their own (usually). Instead, they simply hire an agent to do this for them. If you have a Twitter agent do it for you, it is going to improve your appearance with Twitter. After all, half of the game is keeping up appearances and looking important. This is going to make you look more like a public figure as well. However, when you hire an agent, ask about what, if any, their former connections on Twitter are. If they have helped other people become verified, it is going to help your causes.

If you are still struggling with how do I get verified on Twitter, you can look into possibly “hacking” the system. Now, when considering how to get verified on Twitter hack, you are not exactly hacking into the network and placing the check by your name manually. Instead, you are basically skipping all of the other issues and buying the mark. You do not simply plunk down a set amount of money for your Twitter account, but instead you buy advertising. If you have a business and you are looking to spread word of the company, one of the best ways is to buy advertising. If you spend $5,000 a month, you are going to have your account verified. So, if you can afford this kind of monthly advertising budget on Twitter, it might be an excellent way to go.

When it comes to how to get your Twitter verified, if you have a large number of followers, ask them to petition for you. The more followers you have and the more petitions they sign, the better chances you have. After all, when 400,000 people send Twitter a message, they are more likely to agree just to stop receiving all the messages.

Lastly, if you are still not able to do this, when it comes to how to verify Twitter account and how to get Twitter verified, you can obtain a job in a high-profile company. If you can prove that you are a job at such a high ranking company, you are more likely to land the Twitter verification. Of course, you probably do not want to switch your entire career, just for that check mark on your Twitter account, but if you are currently looking for new work and have been trying to get that verification, you need to keep this in mind. When part of a high profile company, they are going to see that you are part of the company and this is going to significantly help you out. By doing so, you should see an improvement in your chances for landing the verified account. All of this should ultimately help you out in the long run.

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