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How to Get a Boyfriend in High School

Whether you are just getting into high school or have already been there for a while, chances are good that you would like to have a committed, long-term boyfriend. The good news is that despite what you might think, high school is a great place to be to find just the kind of guy you want. It’s very simple: high school relationships are more mature. It’s about that age that guys start to really get a little more confidence in themselves, so don’t be surprised if instead of you approaching someone, they approach you first. Secondly, high school is usually where a number of middle schools direct their students. As a result, you will probably get to high school and meet a lot of other “prospects” other than the ones you knew when you were in middle school. While you keep these ideas in mind for how to get a boyfriend in high school, below are a few more that may help you.

Look at Yourself. The natural first step to getting a boyfriend is to start with yourself. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Simply put, would you date someone like you? Do you always try to look your best? Are you clean? Is your hair clean and neatly brushed and kept? Do you smell good? Try to always wear clean, well fitted, and decent clothes. Look after your skin by washing and moisturizing daily. Try using a little makeup, but only to the degree that makes you comfortable. Don’t wear too much because it will only make you look fake. The point is to be yourself, not someone else.

Be Confident. Unless you’ve never noticed, it’s a lot harder to find a boyfriend if you’re shy and withdrawn rather than being confident. It’s hard to be confident if you’re not already, but it’s also possible that you can be if you try. Here are some suggestions to improve your self-confidence:

* Increase your self-esteem, which means to value yourself. As frequently as you can or want to, have mirror talks with yourself to reinforce your image of yourself. You need to convince yourself that you do have value and you are a good person who has qualities any person would appreciate.

* Make sure you are happy with yourself. Don’t compromise your beliefs or your standards just to be liked because in the end you won’t end up liking yourself or what you stand for. This is when it becomes hard to look at yourself in the mirror.

* Speak well. Use emotions that portray yourself well.

* Have good posture. Keep your shoulders back and hold your head up high. You have worth and you need to make people believe that you do.

* Don’t be shy or nervous. Just remember to be yourself.

* Perhaps most important of all, smile! A smile is contagious. Put one on and the world will catch it from you. If you smile at a guy chances are very good that he will smile right back at you.

Get Busy. There are a lot of misnomers about getting someone’s attention for the purpose of starting a relationship. First, if you’re a girl, it’s okay to be smart. You shouldn’t have to dummy down to make a guy feel comfortable with you. Believe it or not, smart is good and an enviable trait to have.

Socialize. If you are not currently having any luck in the finding a boyfriend department, think about who you spend your time with. If you spend your time with a lot of girls, it’s little wonder that you don’t have a guy in your life. Are there any clubs or other organizations on campus or in the surrounding community that have a lot of guys involved with them? If you look there might be some of these groups that have guys that have some of the same interests as you do. Try joining them so you have something in common that you like to do or talk about.

Don’t be Desperate. There are young people–yes, guys too–who are desperately seeking. They will do literally anything to find someone. Unfortunately, “anything” covers a lot of territory that should not be covered at such a young age. Start by getting to know someone by talking about anything. Start small, but don’t be overly flirty or you will come across as a player.

Learn to Flirt. When you finally find someone who you are attracted to, do you know what to do? Many people don’t. And frankly, there’s nothing wrong with knowing what to do. Do you bat your eyelashes? Wink? Call him a cute nickname? Touch (appropriately)? If you don’t know how, try it. Just like practicing anything, you learn best by doing.

Dress and Act Like a Young Lady. Dress like a lady who is interested in getting into a serious relationship. This does not mean looking like a slut. These kinds of girls are only telling people–yes, everyone will eventually get the word–that they are tramps. It’s that easy. A young lady knows where the boundaries are, and although they dress like a lady, they know that being scantily clad is definitely not being a lady.

Remember How to Act on a Date. Never forget that if you find yourself attracted to someone, there’s a good chance that they are attracted to you too. If that is the case, a guy will probably ask you on date. Don’t be overly anxious, but if you do accept his offer, be gracious and take him up on it. Keep things you like to do and see in mind if he wants to know what you would like to do, and always offer to pay or help pay the costs. Even if he decides that he wants to pay for you, make the offer.

Don’t be afraid to show the world your true colors. First, they will probably like what they see, and besides that, being yourself is the best thing you have to offer the world.

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