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How to Fight Bullying and Win!

How to Fight Bullying

Tips for Parents of Children Who Bully Others on How to Fight Bullying

Parents of children who are aggressors to other children should deal with these situations. Parents with children who bully others can make positive changes in the behaviour by doing the following strategies on how to fight bullying.

How to Fight Bullying : Discuss bullying and define clear rules at home.

It is crucial that rules should be clear and consistent and must have fair and predictable consequences. Children who bully must be provided with negative consequences when they demonstrate any form of aggression at another child. Children should be backed with positive reinforcement by providing praises when he or she does not choose to participate in bullying behaviour or when he or she helps another child who is being bullied.

How to Fight Bullying: Communicate with the child.

Parents should have a heart-to-heart talk with children especially when there is a bullying incident. Parents should ask about the incident with the child and they should be prepared to listen carefully and to be objective. It is important that parents communicate that bullying is a serious offence and must not be tolerated.

How to Fight Bullying: Understand bullying policies and cooperate with the school.

Parents must be well-educated with the bullying policies and procedures of the school. A parent should set time with the school and be prepared to support the actions of the school when his or her child is involved in bullying. Parents must be vigorous in communicating with the school in terms of feedback with the interventions done by the administration with the child.

How to Fight Bullying: Parents should connect their children with peers who demonstrate positive behavior.

Children who demonstrate positive behaviour are good influence to those who bully others. Parents should be the model in showing respect to others. Parents must be able to solve problems without aggression.

Tips for Parents whose Child is Being Bullied

The school is where children are more likely to be bullied because that is where they stay for most of the day. Parents should support their children through working out with the school to ensure teachers are aware of issues related to bullying and are responsive to the needs of the students.

How to Fight Bullying: Be Proactive

Parents and educators should cooperate through Parent-Teacher Organizations or other forces, to develop and implement effective strategies in the prevention and intervention of bullying.

How to Fight Bullying: Be knowledgeable of School Policies.

Parents should be familiar with the policies and the procedures that the school employs.

Other Tips on fighting bullying:  Have a healthy communicating relationship with school staff.

It is best that parents need to work with the school’s administrators if their child is the target of bullying. They have to implement strategies that will prevent retaliation and end bullying. If the school is unresponsive, it is best to write a letter and escalate it to the School District.

Other Tips on fighting bullying: Talk with the child.

Parents should explain to their children what bullying is and why it is wrong. Parents should praise the child for having the courage to share the bullying incident. Let the children know that parents are in full support in helping him with his or her predicament.

How to Fight Bullying: Make proper documentation when bullying continues.

Journals should be kept based on the information provided by the child. Supervising adults should know the frequency, severity, and consistency of the bullying. Parents should report to authorities if bullying escalates into criminal activity.

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