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How to End an Abusive Relationship With A Bully

How to end a Relationship with a Bully

How to End an Abusive Relationship with A Bully

Early in the relationship is easier and you may only have to push the bully away once or twice while asserting how right you are. Strength and the knowledge you are strong enough to leave the relationship are the empowerment you need to do it.

Those who have been in the relationship for many years find leaving much harder. The affect of constant bullying convinces you the bully is correct and you are incapable of life without that person. Gaining the strength to leave is hard, but not impossible. Here is how you begin Ending a Relationship with a Bully.

  • Begin seeing a psychologist who will build your self-worthiness.
  • Take up a hobby to build self-esteem. Make it an activity you have never tried.
  • Exercise your body daily to build strength inside and out.
  • Pack your belongings and make plans to leave.
  • Arrange a place to live where the bully will not find you.
  • When you leave, do not take your cell phone and cancel your emal accounts.

How to End an Abusive Relationship, When you are ending an abusive relationship with a bully, do not:

  • Take your cell phone.
  • Warn the bully before you leave.
  • Keep the same email address or social media accounts
  • Tell the bully where you are going.

You will need time to build yourself up before you see the bully again. If there are no children involved, you will never have to see the person again. Your possessions may seem important in the beginning but think about what they really mean in your life. You can replace most possessions but you will not be able to replace freedom from the person who bullied you for such a long time.

How to End an Abusive Relationship: Pitfalls to Avoid 

After positively answering the question, are you bullied by a spouse/BF/GF? getting away is just the beginning. It is easy to fall into a pattern of self-bullying. A few things to avoid when dealing with How to End an Abusive Relationship:

  • Pushing yourself too hard
  • Dwelling on setbacks.
  • Spending too much time alone.
  • Frequenting places the bully may go.

Putting yourself in situations that allow the bully’s words to echo in your mind will begin a cycle of self-bullying. You have to take one step at a time and take on small challenges to begin. Building your strength with empowering activities will keep the voice away.

Continue to improve your self-esteem and stay away from the bully. Take time to find yourself and reacquaint with friends. Make new friends who share your interests. If you do not know what your interests are, keep looking until you find one. Keep telling yourself you can and you will.

So who is the Bully? Learn more about it. 

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