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How to Deal with a Serial Bully

How to Deal with a Serial Bully

A serial bully is someone who will not leave you alone. He or she will continue to harass you at school, over the phone and/or via social media sites. This person has most likely bullied other people in the past before you came along, and he or she will probably bully others in the future.

Following are some tips on how to deal with serial bullying and bullies. While these tips apply to a wide range of situations, keep in mind that some pointers may be more applicable in some cases than others.

Ignoring the Serial Bully

Ignoring the bully is a good idea if he or she is not attempting to cause physical harm. Many bullies continue taunting and teasing their victims because they enjoy seeing the pain, distress and anger that it causes. If you do not give a bully the pleasure of seeing you upset, then he or she will eventually find someone else to pick on.

At the same time, ignoring a bully does not mean that you should not tell your parents about the bullying problems you face at school. Parents can help you to talk to the school principal and teachers about your bullying problems. As many schools have a strict anti-bullying policy, getting help from others can stop a bully from harassing you and/or your classmates in the future.

Serial Bully: Social Media Bullying

Social media bullying is in some ways worse than just being bullied at school. Comments and photos posted on social media channels remain there and are difficult, if not impossible, to ignore or get rid of.

If you are being bullied on social media, talk to your parents about it. If a bully is threatening physical harm, then your parents should contact the police. If a bully has posted a nude or semi-nude photo of you online, then this is illegal and the bully (and even his or her parents) can be held legally accountable.

Serial Bully: Taking Drastic Measures

Dealing with serial bullying is not easy. However, young people who have a high sense of self-esteem and understand their personal worth will not be moved by the unkind and/or untrue things that a bully says about them.

However, if a bullying problem does not get better over time, then a young person and his or her parents may need to take drastic action. Such action is also in order if a young person feels physically threatened by one or more bullies.

If a school is not dealing with a serial bully, then parents may need to seriously consider putting a young person in another school. Parents should do some research to find a school or high school that has strict anti-bullying policies and does not permit other students to harass, taunt and bully their peers.

If ongoing social media bullying is a problem, a young person may want to consider deleting his or her Facebook page. There are many great ways to stay in touch with friends, family and loved ones without getting on Facebook. After some time, you can re-open your page but only allow certain individuals to see it and/or get in touch with you via this social media channel.

If you are being bullied by phone, you can block the number of the person calling you so that you no longer see their calls. You can also change your number so that unwanted people cannot get in touch with you. If you do so, be very careful with who you give your new number to.

There is never a need to accept bullying in your life. While some people may be prettier, smarter and/or more popular than others, each person has special gifts, talents and attributes that he or she can be proud of. In fact, bullying itself is a sign that the bully has forgotten this important truth and is resorting to making others feel bad in order to boost his or her own self-esteem.

If you are being bullied at school or via social media, talk with your parents about it. Your parents can help you to deal with the problem in a sensible, practical way. If all else fails, they can take drastic measures such as the ones outlined above so that you can study and enjoy life without dealing with continual threats, taunts and harassment.

So why do people bully? learn the answers before it is too late. 

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