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How to Be More Outgoing in Life and at Work?

How to Be More Outgoing

How to Be More Outgoing in Life and at Work day in and day out?

When it comes to a personality trait like how outgoing you are, there is little that you can do in a short amount of time. With some practice and real work however, you can truly transform yourself from someone that is uncomfortable around people, to someone that can chat and hang out with the best of them. There are a few different things that anyone that wants to know how to become more outgoing must do, and the first step is understanding.

What Does it Mean to Be Outgoing?

The first question you must ask yourself, even before you ask how can I be more outgoing, is what does the word actually mean. This is a fairly simple concept to understand, generally, to be outgoing means to be comfortable with other people, even those that you do not know or have not met. On top of that, to be outgoing means that you have the ability to make friends quickly, you are not discouraged when you meet new people or are put into new and unique situations, and overall, you are willing to talk to people in order to get to know them.

Most people assume that in order to be outgoing, you need to be born with it, that however is not the case. In most cases, even those that are considered shy can learn how to be more outgoing and talkative with just a few simple steps while keeping a few different things in mind. To start your process, it is important that you understand what the goal is and what type of person you are trying to become.

How to Become More Confident and Outgoing, Taking a Chance

The first step to truly learning how to be more outgoing at school or in your work place is to first and foremost be willing to take a chance. If you are not willing to go out on a limb and talk to new people, odds are you are never going to be truly outgoing. You have to be willing to look a bit silly, you have to be willing to accept and turn around rejection, and you have to be willing to put your heart and personality on your sleeve in order to become truly outgoing. It is not enough to simply say that you want to be outgoing if you are not willing to first and foremost take a chance and realize that even if you talk to twenty people, they may not all want to talk back.

The best place to start is a relatively safe place, this means try to first talk with people that are safe to a certain extent. This may mean something as simple as talking to a friend’s friend or talking to someone that has a similar set of interests to you. This makes it far easier to talk to someone that you may not know very well and that can open up your own ideas and ability to talk to others. This means you have to be willing to go outside your comfort zone, even if it isn’t that far out.

Becoming More Social, Maintaining Conversation

The next step is to maintain the new relationships that you create. This means taking the time to talk to people about how they are doing, to keep in touch, and to go to social events that happen at school and work. You can only be social and outgoing if you put yourself in the situations that require you to be outgoing. A good rule of thumb is to go to one or two events a week if possible or to put yourself in more than one situation a week that requires that you be social or outgoing. It is necessary to take the time to be as social as possible. It does not take much to talk to people so if you really want to be social, it is best to make sure you talk to people as often as possible.

Social events and events that are put on by your school or work are the perfect place to really force yourself to mingle. Though it may seem like learning how to become more social and outgoing may be difficult, with a bit of practice, it is easier than you might imagine. Going to social events is the best way to make yourself become more social.

Do Not Push Yourself Too Hard

There is one thing however that you should make sure you do not do, make sure that even if you are pushing yourself, that you are still comfortable enough with what you are doing that you are not pushing yourself too hard. Though you have to push in order to make a positive change in your personality, you should also make sure you are still comfortable because even if you are pushing, you may end up pushing yourself too far. This can mean anything from becoming discouraged with yourself when you do not get the immediate results that you want and it could also mean pushing the people you are trying to attract away.

It is always best to figure out what your limits are before you truly start to try and make friends and be more outgoing. It is helpful if you figure out how many people you want to talk to and what your main goal is. This will help you gauge how much work you are going to have to do overall and what it is that you are going to need to do in order to be happy with what you have accomplished. Knowing how to work and how to make yourself feel better is one way that you can try and make yourself feel better and make it easier for you to talk to one another.

How to Not Be Shy

There is no sure fire way to be anything but shy. If you are shy naturally, that is going to be what you naturally gravitate toward no matter what. Though it may seem like being friendly is easy enough, if that is not the way that you are naturally, it is going to be very hard to flip a switch and be outgoing. Instead, in order to find out how to stop being shy, you should first figure out just what it is that makes you feel shy, why you are shy to begin with, and what situations make you feel shy. This is the first step to stopping that feeling. Being shy does not have to be a life time sentence. If you are willing to work on what it is that makes you shy and makes you feel less than outgoing, you are far more likely to start to be comfortable with others and with talking to others.

If you find out just what it is that is making you feel shy, it is far easier to figure out how to stop it. If you are shy in front of large groups, try starting with smaller groups first. If you are shy around the opposite sex, try talking with someone you know well first. Conditioning is a huge part of feeling comfortable enough with someone to talk to them and to spend time with them without being shy or feeling shy. Once you have figured out what it is that is making you feel uncomfortable or what it is that is making you feel shy, you can begin to address it and start to change the behavior overall.

Knowing what it is that makes you feel shy is the first step to figuring out what it is that is going to become your solution. Anyone can learn how to be more social and outgoing. Some good blanket solutions to any issue with being shy are to take the time to talk even when you do not feel like it, even when you feel very shy, you should take the time to at least put forth a little effort and talk for a bit.

This will help you overall to feel better and to start to be a bit more comfortable with being outgoing. Another good coverall solution is to find someone you trust, someone you feel comfortable with, and ask them to help you. Ask them if they will talk to people with you, if they will help you figure out what to do to get over being shy. This is not something to be taken lightly but with the right patience and effort, anyone can learn how to be more outgoing easily.

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