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How Teachers can Prevent Bullying

How Teachers can prevent Bullying

How Teachers can prevent bullying? Simply by doing the following tips:

  • Master Policies on Bullying on the School and District Level. Learning is half the battle. Implementing it will win the battle.
  • Treat Students with Respect. Children can emulate the actions of adults. They sometimes mimic what they can see with the actions of adults. The children should know that the teacher is open in listening to them.
  • Engage Colleagues to be more responsive to Bullying. Fighting against bullying can be more powerful if colleagues can be engaged to help in preventing bullying to happen inside the classroom.
  • Hold Bullying Centred Classroom Activities. Children can be helped by letting them recognized in various media what bullying is. Classroom activities can be centered on the power of bullying and how it can be resolved.
  • Perform immediate proper action. Tolerating bad behavior means approval of that behavior which can be precedence for other bad behavior.

Parents and guardians are among the best allies of the school in preventing bullying and they can do this by, this is How Teachers can Prevent Bullying

  • Be a Good Role Model. How parents deal with people everyday reflects their values. It is best that parents should model effective communication techniques.
  • Spend Time at School. Schools will always be underhanded when it comes to providing individualized attention. Parents should coordinate activities and games that will motivate children to communicate effectively with other peers and not limit themselves with their best friends.
  • Spend a Special Time Talking with Children Daily. Parents should ask feedback from children on what has happened to their school day. By doing this, parents can visualize what happens with their children inside the school.
  • Parents should let their Children Understand Bullying. Parents should teach that bullying is never right. This should start from the home.
  • Create Healthy AntiBullying Habits.  Parents should start teaching children that it is not never right to be mean to others.

How Teachers can prevent Bullying might be an easy question to answer but what about When Teachers are the Victims of Bullying? How Teachers can Prevent Bullying in that case ?

Teachers can also be targets of bullying. Examples of such involve troublesome classroom behavior in which students rule class and cause stress to a teacher. Theft of teachers property, vandalism such as causing flat tires and keying cars, plus verbal abuse are always ways where students abuse teachers.  Teachers who bully students may pass as school discipline. Students who bully teachers may pass as free speech. Students who give false reports about teachers is also a form of bullying. Teachers can also be bullied by other teachers, by the school administration, and by the school board.

How Teachers can Prevent Bullying ? Teachers Being Bullied by Students

Student-on-teacher bullying is becoming more prevalent in American schools. A New York City incident involving Karen Klein, a 68-year-old school bus monitor in Greece, New York, was bullied by some students on her own bus. The students poked her with a textbook, made fun of Klein’s weight, used several obscenities, and threatened to urinate in front of her house.

Damage is even made worse when teachers told Klein that his son committed suicide because her family “killed themselves because they don’t want to be near (her).” A video was recorded by a student on his phone and this went viral.

Before continuing to teach others on How Teachers can prevent Bullying, one must also understand several other factors. 

Why Do Kids Bully

While children may bully because of various reasons, the following factors contribute to bullying behavior:

Control and Power

Many children bully in order to obtain control over others or lord within a social setting or peer group. Abuses of power are reinforced by social dynamics within a school, neighbourhood, or community.

Peer Attention

Students who bully often receive positive attention. When bystanders participate or laugh in the bullying, the bully obtains social reinforcement for his or her bullying behavior. It is crucial to know that bystanders do have an important role when they address bullying and preventing it from reoccurring.

Inadequate or Ineffective Supervision

Less adult supervision or ineffective supervision strategies are impetus to the occurrence of bullying. Schools and youth programs should make sure that the student to adult ratio should be reasonable in areas like hallways, classrooms, play areas, lunchrooms, and other places. Supervising adults should be trained to recognize and intervene in all cases of peer aggression.

Indifferent Attitudes Towards Bullying

How adults act or react toward peer aggression and bullying has a tremendous effect on the students’ perception of the behavior. When adults tolerate bullying, young people will incorrectly conclude that bullying happens normally in the growing up process. Adults should make a stand when there is suspected bullying and let young people know that bullying is never right.

Bias Issues

There are cases when bullying is the result of actual prejudice such as specific groups who are targets of bullying or prejudicial comments. Students who are obese, students with disabilities, and students who defy gender norms are often the targets of these biases. This kind of bullying does have laws that protect the victim.

How Teachers can Prevent Bullying ? When Does Bullying Become a Legal Issue?

There are forms of peer aggression that have criminal or civil implications under the law.

Most peer aggression behaviors are appropriately responded by adults. However, there are cases when bullying does cross the line with illegal activities. A young person is eligible for legal services when a crime is committed.

The list that follows is examples of potential crimes and civil laws that have implications in bullying situations. Academic institutions should be aware of their responsibilities to address certain forms of bullying under federal and state civil rights laws. It is important that schools provide a solution and prevent bullying from reoccurring when the bullying targets a child’s protected class.  Protected classes include color, race, national origin, gender, ancestry, religion, disability or other characteristic.

Only when understanding and applying these tips on How Teachers can prevent Bullying, that schools, students and school workers can actually become safer from bullying. It is essential we understand what can teachers do to stop bullying and help them reach that goal today.

Spread the word on How Teachers can Prevent Bullying and educate other educators on the matter of what can teachers do to stop bullying. 

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