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How Many Kids Get Bullied a Year?

How Many Kids Get Bullied A Year

Many parents, teachers and advocacy groups are starting to take a greater interest in bullying. This has helped many people develop an idea of how many kids get bullied a year. This is a worthwhile consideration for many to keep in mind, because it could affect how schools react to this phenomenon. Some parents will naturally be interested in learning more about the unique aspects of these services and how they can best be used. They should try to form an objective opinion on bullying, since it could affect the choices that they decide to make with their own kids soon. So how many kids get bullied a year?

How Bullying Happens

Part of the issue regarding how many kids get bullied a year is that bullying can actually take many different types of forms and could occur in almost any location. Many advocacy groups have tended to try to focus their efforts on a few different types of settings. This could actually give them the chance that they need to identify the right courses of action that should be taken to solve this issue. There is also the strong possibility that bullying may go underreported in a few different types of settings. Still, there are some organizations that are dedicated to gathering the facts about how bullying may occur over time.

Statistics on physical bullying tend to indicate that this is a widespread phenomenon. It has been estimated that up to 44% of middle schools have reported some form of bullying occurring therein. This has spurred many of them on to take action, which typically results in some success. The schools with anti-bullying policies have typically reduced these rates by around 50 percent. This is a worthwhile accomplishment, because it can prevent these issues from becoming widespread. Physical bullying statistics could help policy makers determine whether a program is successful at reducing the rates. If it is not, then officials may want to change up a few things being done at a school.

How Many Kids Get Bullied a Year?

There are other concerning statistics of physical bullying that people should read up on soon. They should be aware that of those kids that report being bullied, roughly 14% tend to have a negative reaction to it. This is a sizable portion of the student body and should be considered by teachers and those in charge. These officials may want to learn more about how they can give their support for the challenges that these students may be facing throughout the year. But these policies can only occur if people are able to get physical bullying and facts set straight.

Statistics on verbal bullying could be equally important, because this is an all new phenomenon that is starting to emerge. There are many schools that may have an ongoing problem with verbal bullying, but may not realize that it has become an issue. Some of these schools will need to think about how they can institute policies that specifically target the onset of verbal bullying. This could actually help prevent bullying from developing in to all out verbal abuse, which  could have some serious repercussions for all kids.

Verbal bullying statistics indicate that this phenomenon is on the rise. It has been estimated that roughly 77% of all students are bullied either physically or verbally. This can have a profound impact on the way that they perform at school and how they go about their daily lives. Most people will be shocked by the unique issues that these kids may be facing throughout the year. If officials are able to reduce rates of verbal bullying, then they will be able to better manage the different types of effects that verbal bullying can have.

Of course, there are some considerable mental effects that bullying can have on the student population. There is research that suggests that bullying can actually produce a significant impact on the mental well being of students within these schools. Some people may want to consider how they can prepare for the onset of depression among students that have been bullied in the past. Statistics indicate that bullying victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to contemplate suicide than students who have not been bullied. Nearly 160,000 thousand students stay at home every day, since they are afraid that they might get bullied.

Kids and Cyber Bullying

There is a new form of bullying emerging, which parents should be aware of as their kids grow up. Cyber bullying is starting to draw in the attention of many officials within the school system. This is owing to the fact that many of these students tend to not know how to react when cyber bullying does occur. There has been reports that upwards of 35% of teens have been threatened at some point online. These threats could even come from close friends, which can prove to be difficult for students of all age groups. How many kids get bullied a year on the Internet may decide for us the size of the problem.

It is hard to define cyber bullying and even harder to evaluate its impact on the lives of young people. Around half of teenage respondents have indicated that they have said something mean or hurtful to their peers. This can create a significant hardship on the lives of many people out there. It can also strain relationships and make it difficult for teens to function when they arrive back at school. Many cyber bullies tend to be frequent offenders, which creates a significant problem for the school system. Many officials may even be unaware that they can even do anything to mitigate the effects of these different types of cyber bullying attacks.

For parents and other community leaders, it may be best to take bullying on case-by-case basis. Learning how many kids get bullied per year can help them prepare for some of these different types of challenges. But it will be important for parents to support their kids and for teachers to monitor this kind of behavior within the school system. This could prove to be a significant challenge for people who are trying to keep their kids engaged with the educational process.

As a teacher, if you are thinking “how many kids get bullied a year?” this means you know for certain people getting bullied in your school is a norm; this needs to stop today. People getting bullied isn’t a normal thing in your school and it shouldn’t be treated as such.

Spread awareness on how many kids get bullied a year; it might be the strong statement a school or a parent need to start taking action!

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