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How Can You Stop Bullying?

How Can You Stop Bullying

Bullying has grown to epidemic-level proportions in recent years. Everywhere you turn you will find stories of individuals who were bullied at school, online and even in the workplace. It almost seems as if the bullies have taken over the world and made it difficult for the average person to live a normal life. Fortunately, there are steps everyone can take to put a stop to bullying and help the victims reclaim their lives again. So how can you stop bullying?

How Can You Stop Bullying ? Set Up School Programs

One of the most common places for bullying to occur is in the schools. Children are away from their parents and thus become more vulnerable to bullying behavior by their peers. While the teachers are around a large portion of the time, they can’t always put a stop to bullying on their own. Having a good school program that educates students on bullying, outlines clear consequences for participating in the behavior and details what constitutes bullying can help put a stop to the behavior. If your school doesn’t have one of these programs, petition to get one started or talk to the school administration.

How Can You Stop Bullying ? Team Up

Bullies are more likely to go after individuals who are loners and don’t seem to have any friends who will back them up. For this reason, it can be useful to implement a buddy system of sorts. While you don’t have to purposely pair up students to ensure no one is bullied as they go from class to class, it is important to teach children to stick together whenever they can. It doesn’t have to be the same person, but if they can find someone to walk with and talk to, they will reduce the chances that a bully will approach them and cause problems.

How Can You Stop Bullying? Don’t Fight Back

When you ask “how can you stop bullying?” one of the most common answers would be to fight back. In fact, if you watch older television shows, you will often find this advice thrown around when it comes to school bullies or someone threatening to beat someone else up. Unfortunately, violence of any kind is not the answer. If you encourage your children to use their fists or their words to fight back against their bully, they are stooping to the same level and stand to suffer the same consequences as the instigator. This will be counterproductive in the fight to end bullying.

How Can You Stop Bullying? Create Clear Consequences

Children react to rules best when they know there are set consequences for their actions when they don’t comply. This is why it is so important for schools to have a solid bullying plan in place and to teach it to their students at the beginning of each year. When students are able to see exactly what will happen to them if they are caught bullying, they are more likely to think about their actions before they carry them out. Some of the potential consequences can include detentions, suspensions and ultimately expulsion. Bullying can also be grounds for serious legal consequences as well.

How Can You Stop Bullying? Proper Supervision

Some instances of bullying are the direct result of improper supervision by parents, teachers and others in authority. While everyone seems to be so busy today, it is still important for children to have the supervision and guidance of adults in their lives. When parents, teachers and other adults pay more attention to kids, those kids are less likely to strike out at their peers in an attempt to gain attention. Many bullies do it because they are insecure in their own feelings and desire attention. It doesn’t matter if they get negative attention as long as someone is giving it to them.

How Can You Stop Bullying? Mutual Respect

Respect can go a long way toward putting an end to bullying. In today’s society, it seems as though children have lost this sense of respect. They no longer respect their elders and they certainly don’t respect each other. Parents and teachers need to take a step back and teach children about the importance of respect, both in giving it and earning it from others. Without this solid foundation in respect, bullying is bound to continue well into the future.

How can you stop bullying? The answer isn’t quite simple, but it isn’t complex either. The bottom line is kids need guidance and supervision from the adults in their lives to learn how to act toward each other. While this is not the sole reason why bullying has become such a common occurrence today, it can go a long way toward resolving the issues that currently exist. When everyone takes the right steps toward putting an end to bullying, the chances of reducing the instances of this behavior and ultimately putting an end to it in the future greatly increase.

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