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History of Stalking: Who Watched Whom and Why?

history of stalking

Stalking is when an individual or group gives unwanted or obsessive attention to another person for reasons that may be known or unknown. Stalkers may harass or intimidate their victims; they may follow the victim in person or monitor them.

History of Stalking

Individuals who stalk other people do so for many reasons, including the following:

– The stalker is seeking the victim’s attention.

– The victim reminds the stalker of someone

– The stalker has criminally insane tendencies

History of Stalking: The Stalker Takes a Bride: B.C. to Now

A common and acceptable form of stalking took place in ancient times when men would lie in wait in fields and watch as young women of marriageable age came out to gather the leftover grains left behind by reapers. They would kidnap them and take them back to their neighborhoods and marry them. This usually occurred when there was a shortage of women in a certain community. On many occasions, the practice was accepted by the fathers and brothers of the maidens because, back then, a woman was considered a liability and a man an asset.

History of Stalking: Lying in Wait for the Innocent

Bandits and robbers made their living by stalking and preying upon innocent and unsuspecting travelers and rich people. Crafty and street smart robbers would track down the route that exceptionally rich noblemen would take and plot out for weeks, watching every move they made. The same would happen in isolated incidents when road and businesses would be watched for days. These bandits would not strike until they were sure the time was right. They sometimes even killed their victims. Only few lived to reveal the perpetrators’ identity.

History of Stalking: For Political Gain

Right up to the time of her reign, Queen Victoria was stalked by political and power-mad assistance of would-be successors to the throne; such was the case of many politically prominent or royal personages in former times. Maids, ladies in waiting, right-hand men, and other close friends or relatives would be strategically placed in close connection with the person in question. The aim was to form a close bond, discover their weaknesses, and use them against them with enemies. Sometimes the ‘close bond’ was to gain constant access to the person so that the so-called ‘comrade’ could eliminate them and take over.

History of Stalking: Jack The Ripper: Possessed Mystery Murderer

In Victorian Era London, 1888, the police force and members of Scotland Yard were baffled by the movements of one of the most notorious serial killers in the world. Jack the Ripper was a man who was obsessed with killing and mutilating prostitutes in England. He stalked them, boasted, bragged, and left messages stating the fact that he would never stop until he was caught and would taunt the local police party until they were at their wit’s end. The killings stopped abruptly.

History of Stalking: Stalking Celebrities and Other Prominent Figures

Stalking is a serious and dangerous offense causing the victim much worry and anxiety. In the early 1980s, Jodie Foster was stalked by a man named John Hinckley who is reported to have sent her love notes and poems. They both attended Yale University. To get her attention, Hinckley gave Foster a note revealing that he would shoot the then President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, to gain her love. He succeeded in not only shooting the President, but also a few members of his entourage. The President survived the attempted killing and Hinckley was institutionalized rather than charged on the grounds that he was insane at the time of this incident.

Luis Plascencia harassed and threatened Model Kourtney Reppert via Facebook. He sent her insulting and death-threat messages of hate and destruction. Plascencia was one of Miss Reppert’s 200,000 Facebook fans.

History of Stalking: Statistics

Statistics taken by the National Violence Against Women Survey showed that stalking was a more serious issue than most people thought. They revealed the following facts:

– Men, about 1 in 50, and women, 1 in over 10 (with more reports on women), were stalked at least once in their lives.

– Slightly less than one-hundred percent of victims were stalked by a single person at some time in their lives.

– Just fewer than 75% of stalking victims are young and are aged between 18 and 39.

– Over one-third of female victims were stalked by current or former husbands and 14% by men in a present relationship.

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