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It is OK to Ask about Having Sex

Having sex is an important part of two people coming closer together. It is a physical bond that can make the emotional bond even stronger. Of course, the first time you have sex it is going to be rather frightening. You probably are not going to know what to do or what to expect. There is so much that you don’t know, even though you probably have gone through all of the sex education classes at school. While you can know about sex, you are not going to ever be prepared for sex. It simply is a different experience that is unlike anything else you have ever had before. Due to this, you need to know about sex, unprotected sex, sex in school and all about sex. This way, you can not only prepare yourself for sex, but also protect yourself and avoid any potential mistakes as well.

How to Have Sexual Intercourse

Now, you probably have a general idea about how to have sexual intercourse. It is going to involve the penis and, typically, the vagina; though sex can have different forms depending on sexual orientation and preferences. When you (or the boy) become excited, the penis fills with blood, making it erect. Now, despite the term “boner,” there is no actual bone in the penis. It is all soft, spongy tissue, some muscles and veins. When the penis is hard, it can be inserted into the partner’s opening. From here, there are three different forms of sex. There is oral sex, anal sex and vaginal sex. Despite what people might say, all of this is sex and it is all considered intercourse. The penis is entering the body of another person, so it is being inserted into the opposite body. Really, the definition of sex is the genitalia of two individuals coming in contact with one another, or one person stimulating the genitalia of another in order to help them reach orgasm.

I Had Sex at School

Now, as you go through puberty, you are going to have the urge to have sex just about anywhere, especially if you have already had sex. some people might tell you they have had sex at school. They might be telling the truth or they might not be. However, it is very important for you to avoid having sex at school. No matter how bad you might want to have sex here, it really is not worth the risk. You might wonder why do people have sex in school, and it is both because they have the urge and because they are turned on by having sex in a public place due to the potential of being caught. However, if you are caught having sex, you can face all sorts of punishments, ranging from suspension, expulsion and not being allowed into your college of course, all because you did not wait a few hours until leaving school. You are going to feel sexually frustrated and aroused throughout your puberty years, but there are times where you should not indulge yourself with this. Keep your mind on your school work and wait until you get home. You don’t need to destroy your future and educational potential simply because you were not able to wait.

Sex Without Condom

Many people are going to tell you that sex without a condom is much better than sex with a condom. While this is all opinion based, there is some fact to it simply because even the slightest amount of material is going to prevent skin on skin contact, so it is not going to be as warm, it is going to feel dryer and it is not going to have the exact same texture or feeling. However, having sex without a condom is extremely dangerous. If you have sex without a condom, it opens you up to the potential risk of becoming pregnant (or impregnating the girl). Most unplanned pregnancies occur within the first few months of someone becoming sexually active. At this age, sex usually is not drastically long due to the stamina not being there, so a condom might actually help you or your partner last longer and enjoy sex that much more. All of this is very important and is something that you need to look at. The last thing you want is a pregnancy. Beyond this, sex without a condom opens you up to contracting an STD. A condom is one of the main ways to protect against an STD (outside of just not having sex at all). Even if someone is on birth control, the birth control does not protect against an STD. At this age, it is just very important to practice safe sex. Perhaps, further down the road, when you are in a long lasting relationship, alternative forms of birth control are used and you know both you and the other person are STD free, than you can engage in possibly unprotected sex. But until this time comes, it is necessary to strap up.

How to Make Love

This is a bit of a tricky subject. The meaning of “Making Love” is going to be different from one person to the next. Each person is going to refer to having sex in their own way. Some people say that making love is the same as having sex. However, people having sex might not be the way other people define making love. Some people might define it as two people who are very much in love with one another make love when they have sex. This term is really up for interpretation, based on who you talk to. It is also a general term for people to separate the meaning of sex between different partners. While the act of sex is going to be the same (generally) between one person and the next, it might not mean the same. Love making with someone important who you have been seeing for over a year is going to be different than a one night stand. And hear it from adults, you don’t want a casual night with someone as it destroys a lot of concepts in your mind and might get you the reputation of “being cheap” and you are anything but “cheap.”

High School Sex

As you define sex for yourself, you are going to learn about different terms, whether or not it is your first time sex has ever been taught or not. When it comes to what is sex, some might use the term coitus. The coitus meaning is simply sexual intercourse. It is just another term for it. Copulate is another term for sexual intercourse as well. Both of these words are interchangeable with sex. It really just comes down to who you are talking to and how they are describing it. Most people do not use the terms copulate and coitus simply because it sounds to technical and cold. Sex is supposed to be something important, shared between two individuals. These words make it sound cold and more a scientific experiment (which, in a way, it can be considered). Just know that if someone is talking about one of these two words, they are simply referring to sex.

As you grow older, you are going to find out different things about sex. Sexual intercourse is also going to change drastically as you age. Although the general act is the same, what you do while having sex is going to evolve. Sex really is an evolution of understanding and while it is possible to define it and describe it, it is impossible to fully prepare yourself for it. However, you also need to know that sex is not all positives. There are consequences to be had after sex. This is not just potential STDs, unwanted pregnancies and other physical issues. There are emotional problems that might come up due to sex as well. You might form a very specific emotional attachment to someone, making going through a breakup that much more difficult to deal with. All of this can be rather rough on you, so you always need to think of sex at all angles.

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