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All About Haunted Houses

Haunted houses have been a major source of entertainment for years. People often enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with being scared. According to experts, feeling scared from watching a horror movie produces endorphins, the same chemical released in the brain when being in love, making horror fans want more. What is not to love about haunted houses?

Cutting edge haunted houses

For individuals seeking some extreme thrills, they may decide to visit a cutting edge haunted house. This type of haunted house is a popular attraction that prides itself on being the absolute scariest available. These innovative haunted houses use advanced technology to make thrill seekers enjoy a more realistic experience. Cutting edge haunted houses utilize top-notch special effects, which can make a person feel as if they are in an actual haunted house. Some of these special effects include:

  • Terrifying and realistic props
  • Strobe lights
  • Digital FX and CGI animation
  • Specialized lighting
  • And much more!

The average haunted house takes between 5 and 15 minutes to get through, but cutting edge haunted houses take much longer. For instance, Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, TX, currently holds the world record for being the longest walk-through haunted house. It takes just under an hour to completely explore this extremely terrifying place. That gives thrill seekers ample time to enjoy numerous horrors, which can increase their experience significantly.

The actors in traditional and cutting edge haunted houses wear some of the most realistic costumes and makeup there is. This is another important aspect that provides more enjoyment for thrill seekers. Actors often work at haunted houses to get a thrill themselves. It can be very exciting to scare others and witness their screams as they attempt to “escape” the horrifying creatures.

Finding a haunted house

For people that desire to find the best haunted houses, there are numerous highly-rated attractions throughout the United States and beyond. There are some exceptional haunted houses in Chicago, with 13th Floor Haunted House being top on the list. This haunted attraction features two separate attractions. The first attraction, The Rising, is filled with monsters so scary that they appear as if they’ve actually come from the depths of hell. The second attraction is Dead End District, which is an asylum haunted house with horrifying and very realistic special effects and ghouls.

For people looking for haunted houses in Ohio, there are plenty to choose from, although Bloodview Haunted House is one of the best. Scaring Cleveland residents for over 35 years, Bloodview consistently receives extremely high ratings due to its originality. Blood View features improv actors, which makes the experience even more exciting.

For people searching for the scariest haunted house in their area, all they have to do is perform some research, and chances are they will be able to locate exactly what they’re looking for. For those willing to travel long distances in order to enjoy the ultimate experience, there are many choices in just about every area. Many metropolitan areas offers a special newspaper around Halloween, which lists the area’s haunted attractions.


Real-Life hauntings – is my house haunted?

Despite the fact that many people enjoy visiting haunted house attractions, not all haunted houses are fun. In fact, some homes contain actual apparitions that can sometimes make a person’s life a living hell. For people wondering if their house is haunted, there are many clues that can help with making the determination. Just like in the movies, there is often an abundance of strange noises. These noises could be in the form of knocking, banging, clanging, scratching, or even slamming. Some noises in haunted houses sound like things dropping on the floor. There have also been instances where ghosts have made loud footstep sounds.

There are other ways to determine if a house is haunted. Here are some popular ways:

  • Speak with the previous owner – It is highly likely that the previous owner of a possibly haunted home will have some useful information. If he or she didn’t actually experience ghosts in the home themselves, perhaps they can provide information about a death that may have occurred in the home.
  • Purchase some special equipment – For people with adequate funds to purchase special EMF equipment, they can detect electromagnetic energy. If this energy is detected, then there is a high likelihood that one or more ghosts are present.
  • Be observant – Many people that live in haunted houses will notice distinct smells, such as perfume, flowers, smoke, etc. In addition to paying attention to smells, temperature is another common phenomena in haunted houses. Whenever there is a ghost present, the temperature in a room is often noticeably colder. Furthermore, moving objects is yet another common occurrence in haunted houses.

Dealing with a real-life haunting

For people dealing with a confirmed, real-life haunting, living with the ghosts can be extremely difficult. Ghosts are sometimes territorial, meaning that they will often haunt a place where they died or once lived. Finding out the history of a haunted house can be very helpful. Sometimes simply acknowledging the ghost and asking it to leave is all that it takes. Of course, it isn’t always as easy. If a homeowner is unable to live in a haunted house, then moving might be the best thing to do. Most people don’t have to worry about ghosts “following” them if they decide to move. Only malevolent beings have the ability to attach themselves to people and follow them wherever they decide to move.

Luckily, 9 out of 10 haunting are “nice” ghosts that have simply failed to move on for some reason. Perhaps they have some unfinished business that they need to attend to before their spirits can move on. While most people may not believe it, those living in a haunted house can actual help a ghost take care of their unfinished business. This will allow the spirit to move on so the home’s occupants can live without being bothered by the apparition any longer.

Actual haunted locations

There are numerous locations around the world that people claim are haunted by real ghosts. While many of these locations aren’t official attractions and can often be visited for no fee, many thrill seekers will search for such locations. Many haunted locations are old state psychiatric institutions, where patients from years ago experienced horrific torture and cruel and violent deaths. Old hotels are also popular among actual haunted locations. In fact, many hotels that are suspected to be haunted are actually still open for business, and they warn their guests that the hotel is haunted.  For example, Queen Mary is referred to as one of the most haunted hotels in the United States. There is said to be more than 150 spirits at this ship/hotel, which is also a museum. There are rooms currently available for brave travelers who wish to experience the hauntings upon this ship.

Haunted houses have been around for many years, keeping people scared in an enjoyable manner during Halloween and other times during the year. Many horror seekers will spend substantial amounts of money and even travel long distances in order to experience the ultimate haunted houses. While there are plenty of haunted attractions for people to enjoy, there are numerous real-life hauntings that are definitely not fun. Actual haunted houses can cause the occupants of the home to experience nearly constant terror and fear. Fortunately, most ghosts are friendly and mean no harm. Only a very small amount of haunting are actually caused by evil spirits. This should be very good news for anyone experiencing a possible haunting.

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