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Hate Quotes: CyberBullying, Are You Tired of The Hate?

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Parents of school-age children, are most likely aware of potential bullying threats both at school or on the internet. If not, you need to be! According to EDTECH, at least 42% of teens with internet devices reported they had been the victims of cyber bullying, is your teen one of them? More eye opening facts, over 69% of teens own a computer; of some type and over 80% are active on social media sites, also reported by As parents we need to know how to identify, prevent and take action against bullying and cyber bullying. Learn more on how to use stop hate quotes for your benefit.

If you are new to the term “cyber bully” here is the best place to start. Get the latest facts and information on how to stop, prevent and take action against bullies that may be verbally attacking your child or student on the internet. Spread stop hate quotes now.

Is Your Child At Risk? Know What To Look For

Some parents and teachers are aware of what signs to look for in children, that are being or have been cyber bullied on-line. However, if you are a parent that has children just starting school or have children that are using devices that allow them access to the internet, it is important to know the signs. If you suspect your child is being bullied, no matter if it’s at a school playground or on the internet, the signs are similar. According to stop bullying. Gov, here are the signs to look for in your child or student:

  • Unexplainable injuries
  • Lost or stolen electronics, books or clothing
  • Frequent stomach aches; not wanting to go to school
  • Declining grades and loss of interest in activities

Look for any change in your child or student that may seem out of the ordinary. However, not all children will exhibit warning signs. If you notice your child’s behavior is changing, becoming self-destructive or exhibits decreased self-esteem, get help as soon as possible. Not all children react to bullying in the same way. It is very important to recognize the signs, for early prevention. Working with school counselors and child psychologists can be helpful, when the situation escalates to severe depression or suicidal thoughts.

Stop Hate Quotes: What If My Child Is The Bully?

No parent wants to hear their child is a bully or may have hurt another child. However, it does happen and you may want to know how to approach the situation. Some signs to look for if you suspect your child is a bully are:

  • Your child suddenly starts fighting with other children or verbal fights on electronic devices using the internet
  • If your child has friends that are bullies, then presume your child is one too and address the issue
  • Spending a lot of time on the internet; social media sites
  • Being aggressive both at school and home; perhaps even being sent to the principals office

If you think that your child may be involved in cyber bullying; check for yourself, get that password and log into your child’s account, see for yourself. If you find e-mails, postings, or texts that contain demeaning, cruel words or images, address this right away. Talk to your child and let them know you will not tolerate this type of behavior. Take away the electronic device and seek counseling; this can help spreading stop hate quotes and stop the abuse of another child.

Stop Hate Quotes: Are There Enough Internet Laws in Place?

Sadly, suicide is often a result of severe bullying. Suicide rates in girls between the ages of 15-19 rose 32% since 2007, and 76% in young girls between the ages of 10-14. These percentages continue to grow as the internet becomes more evolved and world-wide. Creating a safe haven for bullies, all around the world.

State and local lawmakers have set laws in place for each state, through state education codes and model policies. Sometimes there is a need for criminal action, as a result of a death from harassment and abuse. Juveniles can be charged, if the state has included or added bullying in the criminal codes. Parents can make a difference here, openly communicating your concerns to state and local officials.

Stop Hate Quotes: The Final Say

When your child is a victim of cyber bullying or the bully themselves, the more support that is given and action took, the quicker the message gets across. Your quick response may stop the bullying on the spot. Depending on the child’s behavior, that may be enough. If the bullying continues get both sides of the story and contact all those involved, try to resolve in a friendly manor. Work together as a community to prevent and increase the awareness of cyber bullying.

Learn more on how to stop cyber bullying and spread the word on Hate Quotes!

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