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Why Using Hash or Hashish Is a Bad Idea


In today’s technology-oriented world, terms such as “hash function” or “hashing” refer to computer programming and mathematics. “Hash function” refers to a mathematical procedure the converts data into smaller units. “The term “hashing” can refer to a computer term for a data location technique or to the interference of signals between two radio broadcasting stations that are on the same frequencies. The terms “hashing” and “hash function” should not be confused with terminology that has to do with the drug’s usage. Like opium, weed, cocaine and other illegal drugs, this drug is bad news.

Why Hash Is Bad for Your System

Overuse of hash, or even using it once for certain individuals, can lead to the following:

• Learning impairments
• Disorientation
• Extreme highs and lows
• A false sense of “special insight”
• A higher probability of psychotic episodes
• Extreme fatigue
• Paranoid thinking
• An extreme reduction in coordination
• Lung damage

What Is hash?

When people ask, “What is hashish?” or “What is hash?” they are referring to the same thing. The name is derived from an Arabic word that means grass. Thought of in some cultures as both a medicine and as a recreational drug, the usages of the drug for these purposes date back to the 3rd. millennium BC.

Unlike opium, which comes from the sap of opium poppies, the hash drug is manufactured from the cannabis or marijuana plant and contains the same active ingredients as weed, but in higher concentrations. This is why it is sometimes referred to as “weed concentrate.” Concentrated portions of this substance are much more dangerous than other substances.

Different methods are used to manufacture the hash drug. Each of these methods involves extracting, then compressing resins from the marijuana plant. Some manufacturers create the hash drug by means of a chemical process. Others use a mechanical process that strips the cannabis resin from the buds that grow on the outside of the marijuana plant. The drug is sold in compressed bricks, balls or bricks. Others wrap small squares of it in aluminum foil.

Doing Hash at School

Partaking of this drug can cause serious problems at school, and on a multitude of levels. For instance, people that sneak away and smoke this drug in school often stop caring about things such as friends, grades and being respectful toward their teachers. Many forfeit scholarship opportunities or important status in clubs and other extracurricular activities. They have trouble concentrating in the classroom and cannot understand or recall what they read or hear. The drug impairs their abilities to solve problems and to concentrate on their schoolwork. It can eventually lead to withdrawal from school altogether.

Even when it is smoked or ingested at home, the drug can still have a negative affect on school performance. It affects everything about the person that smokes it, and the effects are lasting. It should be avoided at all costs.

Other reasons to avoid the drug:

• It is very expensive
• It is illegal in most places around the world
• It is addictive, both physically and psychologically
• Pregnant women who smoke it are at a higher risk for stillborn births
• Babies born to smokers of the drug die in higher numbers during their first year of life
• Some babies born to parents that partake are underweight and can have specific birth defects related to the feet or hands.

Scientists have tested THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the active ingredient in the drug, on laboratory animals. In these experiments, there were higher instances of brain malformations, liver and spinal cord malformations and malformed legs than in other animals that were not given the substance. Additional experiments showed even more serious birth defects and fetal fatalities.

Consuming too much can cause users to suffer from panic and anxiety attacks. They can feel paranoid and begin to believe that someone is out to get them and cause them harm. Users may feel confused or heavily sedated and unable to move their limbs. It is not unusual for a user to look into a mirror and believe that his or her face or other parts of the body are distorted.

Is Hash Dangerous?

Smoking or ingesting this drug not only places the user in danger. It also places others in danger as well.

As with any drug, this one distorts its users’ perception of time and space. This can make the operation of motor vehicles extremely dangerous, as it impairs users’ senses of speed and can inhibit judgment about such things as when to apply the brakes to slow down or stop. According to the National Safety Counsel, marijuana and its derivatives are the most commonly found drug in the bodies of people who die in moving vehicle accidents. Sometimes, other drugs, such as alcohol are also found.

This powerful drug can even make taking a walk dangerous. It has a negative affect on depth perception, and can cause users to make wrong decisions about such things as when to cross a busy street or what areas are safe to walk in.

People that take care of children can endanger their lives by not being able to recognize signs that a child is choking or in other physical distress. Their response times slow down and if a child is injured or needs immediate attention, the smoker of this substance may not be able to make a good judgment call about whether or not the child needs medical attention.

Responding properly to such emergencies as fires, storms or other dangerous situations can be severely diminished by partaking. It is very difficult to make the right decisions about virtually anything while under the influence.

Smoking Hash and Playing Sports?

People that partake of this drug can experience distortions that can make it hard for them to play athletic sports. They can also make poor judgment calls in terms of how much exertion their bodies can withstand, or in determining whether they have sustained an injury. Their perception becomes skewed and they stand at a higher risk of becoming injured or even killed.

Playing team sports is very difficult as well. It is difficult for players to cooperate and to follow through on sports strategies during games. They may forget important instructions and thereby, let their teams down.

Water sports are particularly dangerous when played under the influence. The impaired judgment can cause users to dive into water that is too shallow, causing serious injuries. Because it can cause panic attacks, drowning have occurred when swimmers have smoked it and attempted to swim in deep water.

What about Addiction?

This kind of addiction is different from heroin or cocaine addiction. Not everyone that abuses it becomes addicted to it. However, abuse is a precursor to becoming addicted, so it is best to avoid it altogether. Although genetics can play a strong role in whether or not someone becomes addicted, anyone that partakes of it is at risk for addiction and the problems that this can cause.

Ingesting the drug causes the user to feel relaxed and mildly euphoric. It seems, at the time, to be a pleasant effect, which causes the user to want to experience it again and again. After awhile, it is difficult for the user to feel calm or good without using the drug. This leads to a longing to make it a part of the user’s daily life. This can be a very expensive endeavor.

Drugs containing THC can be cooked into foods or smoked. Ingesting it can cause an effect on the person’s central nervous system. Even minute amounts can cause negative symptoms. This is especially true when it is used regularly over a long time. For instance, users often complain that they have gained weight after a few months of regular usage. This is because the drug causes an increase in appetite. This can cause the drug to be even more dangerous because it is known to increase the heart rate and make blood pressure go up. This can lead to heart attacks or strokes.

Users also complain of a feeling of euphoria that they can only experience while under the influence of the drug. When they are not using it, they can become depressed and despondent. The same is true of relaxation. Regular users can find it difficult to relax unless they have the drug.

Users will often panic over small things or feel upset and paranoid for no justifiable reason. They can find it very difficult to focus and can place themselves at risk for not only failure in school, but also at risk on the job. Some users even experience hallucinations or delirium.

Treatment for Hash Overuse

There exist some very effective treatments for addiction. Of course, the first logical step is to stop using it, but this can be easier said than done. Users who attempt to withdraw can be quite psychologically addicted to it. While detoxing, they may experience insomnia or nightmares. Irritability is also a distinct possibility during withdrawal. They may sweat and experience headaches, coughing or digestive issues. This is why it is important to be treated in a medically supervised environment.

The best treatment for addiction, however, is to refrain from ever using it at all. It is much easier to decline when someone approaches someone about using the drug, than it is to go through expensive and uncomfortable medical treatments for the addiction to it. Not using can be one of the most intelligent decisions a person ever makes, regardless of how tempting that using it may sound. Just say no!

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