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Another Definition of Harassment

Harassment Definition

The Definition of Harassment,  is “harassment is a feeling of intense annoyance caused by being tormented”. It is interesting that almost all of the definitions found equated harassment to being tormented. This is how people feel when they are placed in circumstances and feel they have no recourse. Harassment is nothing new to the world. People have been harasses since the beginning of man. There was always a reason, food, shelter, money and society has always found a way to justify the abuse.

Oddly the person or group doing the harassing gives a good reason and in some odd way feels the harassment is sanctioned by the leading groups in the community. Somehow, with harassment, the person or group feels they are doing the community a service, whether it is the town drunk, the unwed mother, the person who speaks another language or the skinny kid down the block. What is harassment? Any environment that feels hostile. Students feel this many times in school and prefer not to go to the lunch room or on the playground or other community facilities. Inner city kids who prefer not to participate in gang activity may feel it is difficult to leave their apartments or homes because of harassment. When you are being harassed a walk to the corner store can take forever because of the intimidation you may encounter.

People can get to a point and will not participate in activities because the environment has grown so hostile. Harassment is felt by people from all social levels. People are constantly trying to fit others into a roll they have decided they should play. A Colorado lawmaker was sent harassing email over gun control. The bill was voted down the people against it are a powerful faction in the community. He may have felt empowered because of this. This is not to say people against gun control support harassment, it is only to demonstrate how people harassing others may feel they are doing the whole a service.

People are harassed on jobs in their communities, in their homes, on the phone ,over the CyberSpace, on the street and while shopping. Princess Diana was harassed by the Media. She had celebrity status and was not given her privacy. This issue of where the line on celebrity harassment stops is still on the table. At the moment no one knows.

Definition of Harassment: What makes harassment

Bullying is one issue that makes harassment. A person’s safety is put in jeopardy when this activity comes into play. There is no way to know when it will stop or if it will stop and how far it will go. The act of harassment is out of control when it is initiated. It has no guidelines and it is without boundaries. Society has set every violation a boundary and is only now setting them for harassment and bullying. During prohibition, boundaries were set on alcohol, speeding has boundaries but harassment and bullying is just as damaging but the public outcry is not as loud. You might call it a silent destroyer. Vibrant people are pressed to the brink of no hope and stop.

Definition of Harassment: Prevention

Society must be convinced that it is not OK to call a person a name. It is not OK to mock what is not understood. These values are taught from early childhood. Apparently, a gap has developed and something is missing. First people must know there is nothing wrong with them. Some might have thought something was wrong with Beethoven, he could not hear but he gave the world great music. One great painter painted with his feet, he would have been considered weird, and his paintings were great. So many great people are different. There is nothing wrong with anyone. They are who they are and this must be made clear to anyone thinking there is no hope. There is something wrong with me.

When a person is harassing another person the person being harassed must think what is it about me they are afraid of and the mental power this brings will possibly change the game. The need is for the harassed to feel hopeless, helpless. No one enjoys harassing a person who is not listening.

Definition of Harassment: The different types of Harassments

Sexual harassment is one of the most common forms of harassment but there are others, racial, age and size harassment. Sadly, people are harassed every day because of their weight. A woman may have lost her life because an airline felt she was too large to get on a plane. Young people suffer from eating disorders trying to stay thin and in some countries the opposite is true. People are harassed because they are not heavy enough. So it would seem, whatever behavior society is willing to accept, that will be the norm.

Harassment Definition: Fighting back Harassment

People are many times picked on in order to get them to conform to some activity another group wish them to participate in. This is prevalent in countries around the world. Sometimes harassment is promoted by governments, on jobs and by work situations. In centuries past, a land lord or a king could do what he willed and if anyone objected they were harassed or lost their life. There are laws and by laws in most companies but unless the harassment is blatant the act may be difficult to prove. People are many times dismissed from jobs after reporting acts but have no recourse because they are considered a disgruntled employee. Proving harassment is not easy.

The necessity of finding an avenue for gaining some power over harassment has brought on class action suits by attorneys. This helps employees with legitimate grievances get compensation for illegally being harassed. This brings in groups to verify the harassment. Stop giving the harasser attention. They want to feel in charge; powerful. The world has to stop giving this cruelty an audience. Fighting harassment starts with the target group. Self-esteem classes might be a start. Teaching young people to value themselves, some of the great’s inventions in history some of the most successful artist are people who had so much self-worth they did not care what they core, how they talked or where they lived. They only wanted to do what they were doing. People need to understand; you matter no matter what.

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