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How to Handle Workplace Bullying

How to Handle Workplace Bullying

Conventionally, the workplace is supposed to be a haven of peace. But sometimes this is not the case. There are gossips, cliques, and aggressiveness everywhere you turn. Workplace bullying or passive aggression can best be used to describe the situation. This is becoming a growing trend with more and more cases of bullying being reported by many victims. The primary goal of all bullies is to tear you down so that you feel hopeless, helpless and useless. For this reason, you need to be equipped with tips on how to handle workplace bullying cases.

How to Handle Workplace Bullying : Take an Account of the Situation

The first tip on how to handle workplace bullying is to take account of the situation. Whenever you find yourself face-to-face with a bully, have an objective assessment of the situation. You need to be certain of the true condition of the attacker. Does the person have the intent of victimizing you, or could it be possible that you are misjudging the ongoing activities? It could be possible that the fellow just has a bad attitude, and it has nothing to do with you. If the bully is on the offensive, is it because you are allowing them excessive authority over you?

The workplace is a professional environment, meaning that everything isn’t meant to be fuzzy and warm. But this should not go to an extent where things are taken to a personal level. After establishing that this isn’t one of the usual scenarios where things get a bit tight, you can undertake to stop the bullying as early as this. You will know that all is not well when the behavior becomes overly irrational and unreasonable. What’s more, you are singled out and treated in an annoying, irritating, hostile, threatening, and intimidating manner. With time, you find the ability to handle work reduces resulting in low productivity. The best way of dealing with the situation is not to let things get out of control by being firm right from the start.

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How to Handle Workplace Bullying: Stand Up For Your Rights

The moment you exhibit signs of yielding to the pressure created by the offender, you are simply creating room for more trouble. They always look for easy targets, so don’t be one. What you need to know is that people will always treat you the way you teach them. The first impression that you should create is that of a person that has firm principles. Don’t shrink whenever faced with a troubling situation. That is always a trap that is set for you. If you fall into it, then you can expect the worst in the days to come. If something that you don’t like is being done to you, simply tell whoever is doing that you don’t like it.

Again, there is power in the choice of words that you use. Instead of beating and coiling around the bush with indirect words, go straight to the point and instruct the offender firmly to stop whatever they are doing. If the person is a coward like most of them are, they will walk away and never bother you again. They don’t like hot spots because they feel vulnerable before them.

This doesn’t mean that you give into a long verbal argument with the bully. They are champions when it comes to using thorny and stinging words. Instead, look them straight in the eyes, state your limits firmly and get back to whatever you were doing. Do not get emotional whatsoever, no matter how affected you are. The rules and tips on how to handle workplace bullying simply do not encourage this.

How to Handle Workplace Bullying: Keeping a Diary of the Situation Might Help

Make a point of noting these ordeals each time they occur. The notes should include a detailed description of whatever happened, the place and time. Where there are verbal threats from the attacker, you need to put them down word by word. Noting the incidences down will really workout for you if the worst happens.

How to Handle Workplace Bullying: Your Superiors Need To Know About It

Things might get to a level whereby you cannot deal with the situation all by yourself. There are bullies who have long time experience and they can really prove to be stubborn. You don’t have to suffer alone. The pressure that comes with it is just not worth it. Call the cavalry into action so that you can get some help. This is where the diary that you were keeping will come in handy. Pour everything out without hiding anything regardless of how embarrassing it might be. The HR is the best place to begin.

If unchecked, bullying can lead to physical, mental and physical turmoil. Your health will deteriorate within no time. When you try to bring the situation under control and things are not working out for you, seek help. The tips above will be instrumental in helping you know how to handle workplace bullying.

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  • Kelly Lynn Troy
    Oct 14, 2015 at 12:01 pm

    when you are being abused emotionally by your boss and you finally try and tell thier boss and you are told we do not care or want to hear it. this really is a mans world. Going to fight for my rights as a human. even if i have to destroy antone taht gets in my way.

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