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Gun Selfies

Gun Selfies

The lack of gun control is a serious problem in many states around the world. Untimely deaths, injuries and bank robberies have been linked to guns being discharged by selfish, irresponsible and immature children and adults. Officials are able to capitalize on some of the mistakes that “Selfies” make. For instance, individuals who commit gun crimes become “Cocky” and “Over Confident.” They intentionally post their pictures and pictures of their guns on the social media websites for the world to see. Little do they know, or perhaps they forget that law enforcement is watching their every move. Learn about the dangers of Gun Selfies Now!


Online media has become a hotspot for crooks, and thieves who want to show their audience base, their latest accomplishments. It has also become a place for law enforcement, whose sole purpose is to catch criminals admitting their guilt. Selfies are probably not aware of how much “Heat” they bring on themselves, when they pose on the internet, with their weapons.

If they have committed a crime, it is in their best interest not to publicize their guilt or indicate themselves in any way. One bank robber was arrested after he robbed his third bank. In eight days, he had stolen more than $15,000 from two banks and a credit union. It was only during the last robbery that the bank was able to take a picture of the bank robber.

If it had not been for the “Gun Selfies” posting a picture of himself on the internet, with the gun he used to commit the crime, police would not have been able to identify and arrest the suspect. The suspect lives in Brooklyn, but was committing the crimes in Michigan. He only posted the pictures after he had robbed the first two banks. His MO is to go to the banks, hands the cashier a “Stick up” note demanding money, and take off.

If it had not been for him trying to be a tough guy, wanting to show off his gun, he could still be at home today, enjoying his stolen money or at the mall shopping. This guy was even warned by friends that the police might be watching the Facebook website, but of course, the robber ignored his friend’s common sense theory, which proved to be true in every way.


There are other “Gun Selfies” who are just as ignorant and unsuspecting. “Gun Selfies “make the authorities’ job easy. All law enforcement officers have to do is sit back, pick up a cup of coffee and a dozen of donuts and surf the internet. Thieves make getting arrested for their crimes a walk in the park. This is seen in another incident where a “Gun Selfie” was arrested after posing with firearms and stolen jewelry. If crooks think Facebook is the only place law enforcement look, they should seriously think again.

Florida police have been investigating a series of robberies, and now have a 19 year old suspect in custody. The 19 year old have already been under the Palm Beach police department radar, following a series of jewelry robberies that took place in several neighboring retirement communities. The youth apparently posed on the internet with all the goods, including the weapons police was searching for. It only took authorities minutes to figure out that the 19 year old, was indeed the suspect they were looking for in connection with the previous jewelry heists. However, police were able to confirm their suspicions and make an arrest based on the “Selfies” photos that were posted on Instagram.

Police got suspicious when they begin monitoring the youth’s social media account. The Instagram account showed the youth posing with two guns, a sleuth of cash, stolen jewelry worth more than $250,000 and empty jewelry packages. The youth is part of a gang police has given the nickname “Dinnertime” burglars. The crew is responsible for up to 40 break ins. The gang apparently targets older individuals, whom they feel has jewelry, diamonds and watches.

On the internet, police lay out a beautiful spread of all the jewelry they recovered from one of the gang member’s home. Police also found a Glock hidden under the suspect’s bedspread, a Tec9 millimeter and a more ammunition than they can count. In one photo the suspect is seen holding a fist full of cash, which was obviously earned through illegal activities. This thief will be charged with more than 140 counts of burglary charges, in addition to a felony charge of a felon being in possession of firearms and ammunition.


Gun Selfies have no particular age. In fact, a 15 year old youth was caught taking pictures of a loaded gun, in the boy’s bathroom. The principal walked in on the youth and one of his friends as they were posing with a gun. The youth said he was aware that the .38 caliber revolver was in his backpack, but he chose to bring it to school anyway. The school is a safe passage school, located on Martin Luther King Drive in Cook County. The youth is being held in the county jail and is being tried as an adult. The 15 year -old suspect has a criminal record. In 2011 the youth was charged with theft and in 2013 he was charged with armed robbery.


Prosecutors were astounded to learn that the shooter of the Aurora Movie Theater had actually taken pictures of the guns he used to murder 12 people. Apparently the 12 people had come together to watch a late night movie entitled the Dark Knight Rises. Little did they know that it would be the last movie they would see or that someone sinister would end their lives? The photos were seen by officials who described the photos as “Disturbing.”

One of the photos shows the killer with his eyes darkened by contact lenses. The suspect is also smiling and sticking out his tongue. The suspect took these alleged photos of himself with his personal cell phone. It is instances like this that gives suspects away. The case has not yet gone to trial. However, the preliminary hearing is to determine if there is enough evidence to warrant a trial. The defense attorney wants to use the mental issue card, but from where everyone else is sitting, the shooter knew exactly what he was during, when he walked into the movie theater and opened fire on 12 innocent victims.


It seems that every robber, thief and murderer wants to showcase their goods, services and products online. They are so caught up in their own world, until it is blinding for them to see, that they are their own worst enemy. When criminals pose on the internet and link their photos to their Facebook, Instagram or other social media account, they have no idea that they are putting their guilt in front of a public audience. Law enforcement agencies around the world access social media sites in an effort to caught the bad guys, and it works. Hundreds of criminals have been found, tried, convicted and sent to jail and prison, after taking “Gun Selfie” photos.

As long as criminals continue to use the internet to showcase their weapons and their crimes, law enforcement will continue to locate them and bring them to justice, so they can answer for their crimes. Criminals are bold and brave by posting personal photos of themselves, their money, jewelry and weapons on display. Once authorities see the photos and match the weapons with the crimes, the Selfies are as good as convicted.

In some cases, it seems that maybe these Selfies want to get caught, or maybe they are just too “Cocky” for their own good. Whatever their reasons are for posting self photos on the internet, it cannot be worth the years they will spend in prison, answering to the alleged crimes they have committed towards the community. Authorities’ make surfing the internet and looking at social media websites a part of their “Sting” operation.

Officers may follow a lead and it goes cold. However, when they find their suspect online showing all their goods, authorities have the suspects “Dead to rights” and the Game is over. Police officers have solved thousands of cases by using online tools to help them bring down criminals and criminal activities. Authorities will continue to monitor the internet and perhaps bring in even more criminals whose trails have grown cold.

The internet is useful in so many ways, and is so the social media networking sites. The sites are designed for people who wish to communicate with their family and friends. However, criminals have taken social media websites to be places where they intimidate their victims and boast to their family, friends and peers about the illegal activities they are involved in.

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