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Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt you! There is absolutely no truth to that term; in fact, words have the crippling power to cut deeper than any physical affliction could. Bullying is a form of abuse; it is persistent harassment involving an aggressor or group of aggressors and a subtle individual. Bullying attacks include verbal assaults, humiliation, pointing out faults, exclusion, isolation, threatening and other forms of mental and physical abuse. Bullying has always been an issue; however, with the advent of the internet and popularity of social networking, bullying has escalated into a huge problem. According to That is why we need Help against Bullying.

Before seeking Help against Bullying, we must find out first why bullying in general happens. Let us help you find the way to Help against Bullying.

Help against Bullying: Why do People Bully

The Person who is being bullied and the person who is doing the bullying both have serious issues; while the victim may not know his/her’s self-worth, the attacker may be using his assaults as an subconscious way to cover up deep issues.

  • Power: There is extreme power in being able to make someone feel bad or do bad things. Bullies take that negative power and perceive it as good. It makes them feel invincible, strong and respectable in their own eyes.
  • Hereditary: Bullying can be a learnt trait, just as a person can learn to be a humanitarian by watching the efforts of their family members; the same is true for bullying. If a bully grew up in a home with constant screaming, fault finding and aggression, he or she is more likely to develop those traits and use them to cause pain.
  • Issues and Insecurities: In a twisted subconscious way, bullying is used as a form of therapy. Some bullies attack because they are struggling with issues at home or they are attempting to hide their own insecurities. By pointing out the faults in someone else, they are pushing their own issues under the rug and taking the attention of off themselves.

Help against Bullying: Types of Bullying

There are two types of bullying; face-to-face bullying and Cyber bullying. Both types of harassment have the ability to scar, however, cyber bullying has the capability of being extremely damaging. While face-to-face bullying can be more intimidating, cyber bullying can be ruthless because it is unfiltered and often involves many different mediums. Harassment through social networks, texts, email, chat rooms are all forms of cyber bullying. The power of technology has given attackers the ability to anonymously post crude pictures, spread rumors and humiliate deeply.

Help against Bullying: Negative Effect of Being Bullied

Being a victim of bullying comes with a lot of negative effects; while some targets may have the strength to shake off the negativity and come out unscathed, many others aren’t so fortunate. The reason why a bully picks a particular person to attack is because he saw weakness in that individual that they can generate power from. If the victim is already insecure, being bullied can add to that insecurity and cause negative feelings of hopelessness, depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts or actions.

Help against Bullying: Going Online for Help

While it is true that the advent of the internet has provided a new platform for bullying, the internet has also provided ways for victims to get help. Many targets, especially school aged kids suffer in silence because of embarrassment or fear. It can be demoralizing to tell parents or school officials that they are being picked on, however they may find comfort and hope talking to kind strangers. The internet has proven to be a wonderful portal for finding aid against bullying in the form of anti-bullying chat rooms, phone chats and forming friendships with other victims.

It is no secret that bullying is a major problem in schools, communities and in the workplace. The victim/aggressor relationship stems from bigger problems that both individuals have to face in order to move on. Bullies aren’t necessarily bad people; instead, they are just people who may not know how to deal with their own issues. And on the other hand, victims are often stronger than they think they are. If you are a victim it is up to you to dive inside and find your confidence and strength. You do not have to do it alone. If you fight alone, you may feel hopeless, however if you seek help, you will gain strength. There is no need to suffer in silence, if you do not want to talk to your family or friends, go online to find help.

Learn how to say no to bullying!

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