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Drugs can be a difficult topic for many teens to talk about. There is a lot of peer pressure to fit it and drug abuse tends to go hand in hand with this. Whether you are currently using or have considered getting high, there are a few things you will need to think about.

The Dangers of Drugs

Just about everyone knows that drugs are dangerous. They are hazardous to your health in a number of ways. Depending on the drug you use and the amount of the drug you are using when you try to figure out how to get high, the potential dangers can vary drastically. For instance, stimulants can increase heart rate, which can be very dangerous if you have an underlying medical condition. This can cause cardiac arrest. If you are considering shooting up a drug then you should know that this is the most common way for people to get STDs such as hepatitis and HIV. Even if you take away the potentially lethal side effects, they still impair your judgment. This can land you in situations that you would not otherwise find yourself in. Even just taking a walk can cause an accident as you are not as aware of your surroundings. Balance is often affected. Some drugs may make you think that you are more focused but the problem is that they reduce your ability to focus on multiple things at once which means you lose the ability to be aware of your surroundings.

Think About the Places where The Drugs are Used

Another important factor that can play into the dangers of drugs is where you use them at. This is because when you are out and about there are more chances for accidents. Many teens tend to go to abandoned buildings, by lakes or generally away from others so as not to be caught while getting high and this is where many accidents are caused every year, many of which lead to death. Though this does not mean that doing drugs in a home environment is safer, it does reduce the chance for accidents to happen.

Addiction Can Happen to Anyone

When you are thinking about getting high, you should think about the possibility of addiction. This is a serious condition that can control your life. Many people think they can control their addiction without help but the truth is that they simply do not realize the extent of the problem. Addiction can lead to problems with school, legal ramifications and many other problems. Addiction can lead to harsher drugs as well as taking more of a drug to feel the same effects which can lead to an overdose. It is also important to note that you do not have to use drugs regularly to be addicted. All it takes for many drugs is one time and you can become hooked.

Legal Ramifications of Drug Use

It is also important to realize that drugs are illegal. Even if you live in parts of the country that allow recreational marijuana, you must be of age to buy it. If you are caught with drugs, then you can be arrested. If you are driving under the influence then you will be arrested for this as well. You may go to jail, be put on probation and even have hefty fines to pay off. More than this, you will find that this conviction says with you. When you apply for a job and they ask if you have a criminal record, you will have to put this down. If you do not want people down the road to know what you have done, then it is best to not do drugs in the first place.

Potential Issues Later in Life

Many teens think they can simply experiment with drugs and then go on to have the life they want. While this may be true in some instances, there are many ways that drugs can ruin your future. For instance, if you are an athlete, you may have random drug testing imposed on you. When you fail a drug test you will find that this can cause you to lose scholarships, be kicked out of school and much more. This can have a lasting effect that will stay with you throughout your life. This does not mean that you cannot rebuild your life, but this will always be something that follows you.

Other Factors to Consider

Some people say that the drugs are safe because they are combining different drugs to counteract the negative side effects. For instance some people will mix stimulant drugs with downers as a way to help keep them alert. This is simply a bad idea. Mixing drugs can have serious consequences on your body that can cause an overdose. Even if you have used the same combination before, you never know what the outcome will be this time.

Dealing with Peer Pressure

A common reason for teens to partake in drug use is because they feel pressured by their friends. You should know that no matter how much you want to fit in, the dangers far outweigh the fun and excitement of trying something new to fit in. Here are a few ways that you can handle peer pressure:

  • Change the people you hang out with. While this may seem a little difficult or harsh, you do not need to be friends with people who will just bring you down.
  • Be prepared for the situation. Before you are even pressured to use drugs, think about what you will say when you are asked. Thinking through the situation and what you will say is a great way to ensure that you can make an articulate argument that is well thought out without offending your friends.
  • You should also find ways to avoid peer pressure. If you know that your friends tend to want to do drugs at one friend’s house because their parents are never home, then find an excuse not to go there. Finding ways to avoid the temptation is a great way to keep peer pressure from being an issue.
  • Do not be afraid to have values and convictions in life. Stand up for what you believe in and do not allow people into your life that will take away from this. Any friend who would try to force you to do drugs is not a true friend.

Even if you think that drugs will give you the self confidence or attention you need to make it through high school, the truth is you do not need them. They are dangerous substances that can do serious harm. If you are still unsure, look up information on the drug you are considering. This will allow you to see what it does to your body and the side effects it has. Once you see the devastation to your life that can occur, you will see that this is not the best choice for your life.

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