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Getting a Bullying Victim to talk To You

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A great way to get the bullying victim to talk is to find someone they want to talk to. You may think you are the answer and you are the one the victim wants to talk to. However, this may not always be the case and the victim may not want to talk to you because of the different feelings they have and even the different thoughts they are experiencing when they are talking to someone.
Support groups is a great option for the Bullying Victim. However, you should make sure you are selecting the proper support group. When you are selecting the proper support group, it is easy for you to know the victim will not mind talking. A key feature of the support group for you to look at is if it is full of victims who have experienced similar situations. When the victims have went through the same or similar situations they will not mind talking to each other. Without this, the Bullying Victim may feel like they are being singled out for what happened to them.

Finding the proper counsellor. Sometimes what it will take is finding the proper counsellor who can help the Bullying Victim understand better about what happened to them. These counsellors should be professionally trained and maybe specialize in this type of work. Since they are going to be talking to the victim they will know specifically what they can do to make the difference in the person’s life. Then you will notice the victim is going to start to feel better about what kind of problems they are having and get a stronger understanding of what is happening to them.

Friends are something which the Victim may not have a lot of, but the victims of all types generally have that one friend who they are going to trust easily. When you are able to find this victim you will want to make sure you are looking at the friends and the victim. If you can get them together in a room, then you may find the victim will start to share their experiences with their friends. Then you will be able to find out more of the problems which the victim has and be able to address the problems with the friend or even get to address the problems by yourself.

Gain Trust Of The Bullying Victim

Distrust is common when the person has been bullied for a while. Each time the victim sees someone new, they may start to think the person is going to bully them as well. So they will have problems in getting to trust anyone. So you should work hard at gaining the trust of the victim to guarantee they do not see you as a threat.

Share some of the experiences which you have experienced before. When you are able to share your own personal experiences, the victim will start to understand where you are coming from. Then you do not have to be concerned about your victim who you are trying to talk to not trusting you. They will start to trust you because they are going to be able to know you both have the same type of experiences all the time.

Food is a great way for you to experience some of the different levels of trust. So if you are having trouble in gaining the trust of the victim, then you may want to look at getting them something to eat. When you have a chance to get them food they like you will be able to get the proper trust level and this can easily get them to open up to you.

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