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Gay People and Common Misconceptions

Gay People

Gay People and Common Misconceptions

The gay community has often come under fire for their “immorality” or “openness” about their sexual orientation. However, because of the infamousness of this community, there are quite a few misconceptions about the gay community including LGBT individuals.

A Gay Couple Will Raise Gay Children

This is one of the most common myths about gay people, but it is completely false. There is no evidence that having gay parents will make the child gay. In actuality, having gay parents does not make the child any more prone to be gay, and they have the same percentage of being gay as being raised by heterosexual parents.

Some reports actually indicate that those children may grow up with greater self-esteem because the gay parents are so grateful for being given the change to conceive or adopt that they shower the child with love and acceptance.

You Can’t Be Born Gay

Many people wonder, “Are people born gay?” or “Can people be born gay?” or “Are gay people born gay?” To be fair, gay people may be born gay. The American Psychological Association (APA) infers that “most people experience little or no sense of choice about their sexual orientation.”

Do people choose to be gay? No, they don’t. Some people are gay, get over it

There is A “Cause” To Be Gay

So what causes people to be gay? There are no definite causes for homosexuality, however there are a few factors:

  • Genetics
  • Random environmental factors

Here are some factors that do not contribute to homosexuality:

  • NOT a choice
  • NOT a singular gay gene

So why are people gay? Because they were born that way.

Gay People Are Everywhere

What percentage of people are gay? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the percentage of gay people in American is only a meager 3.5%. To the contrary, gay people are not everywhere. They do not even make up 5% of America.

So, how many gay people are there really? Around 9 million Americans.

How many gay people are there in the world? In the world, the number is hard to deduce, but basically 1 out of every 20 people. Some say that if the number is 5% of the population, then about 350 million people are LGBT.

All Gay People Cannot Donate Blood

Can gay people give blood? Yes and no. Men who have had sex with men are not allowed to give blood because of the supposed “high-risk” behavior that includes forms of hepatitis. Thus, this targets gay men.

However, lesbians do not fit into that category and can still give blood proving that they have not violated another thing that would disqualify them from giving blood, such as a recent tattoo or piercing.

They Don’t Believe in Religion

On the contrary, many gay people are in fact religious and belong to a religion. Do gay people go to hell, or do gay people to heaven? The correct answer is wherever they believe they will go when they die. Some people who are gay are religious and think that their deity will love them for who they are, while others are atheists and could not care less if they go to “heaven” or “hell”.

They Are Promiscuous

It is assumed that these men and women are so sexually charged for their same sex that they are undeniably promiscuous and therefore do not want to get married or have a stable life because of their raging libidos. On the flip side, there is no evidence that proves this. This leads into the question:

Why are people against gay marriage? Many people define themselves as religious and refer to their religious doctrine as the be-all life destiny of every person; this is why so many people are against gay marriage.

They think that it is “unnatural”, but in the eyes the animal kingdom, homosexuality is a common occurrence. That is why many scientists say that homosexuality is normal and that it cannot be predetermined.

There Never Used to be Famous Gay People

People speculate that being gay is a new fad that has come from too much “liberalism”. However, there are many famous gay people in history! Ralph Waldo Emerson, Virginia Woolf, Willa Cather, Alexander the Great, and James Dean are examples of some gay people throughout history.

One of the recently open gay celebrities is Anderson Cooper (one of the most famous gay people in the media today). He encourages awareness surrounding gay people, and mimics the 70’s band Village People in their support of the gay community.

It’s Just A Phase

Many parents look at their child’s homosexuality and naturally think that it “must be a phase”. Jimmy could never really be gay!

Although many think that homosexuality is a phase, it is not. This child may choose to stay homosexual, or they may in reality, be bisexual and go between dating men and women their whole lives. Some people like to say that they are experimenting, and this may be true.

If they are experimenting, that could just mean that they are slightly bisexual and want to find out which sex they prefer, or if they prefer both.

All Gay Men are Feminine, All Lesbians are Butch

This has been a stereotype for many years, however, it is simply ridiculous. Not all gay men are outwardly feminine, and not all lesbian women are butch and exhibit masculine traits. Most gay men and women actually reject gender roles and form a relationship built on equality and respect.

This stereotype is extremely offensive to those in the gay community, and if you ask a couple “Who is the man and who is the woman?” They will probably write you off as a tolerant person forever.

Bisexuals are Sexually Confused

Just because someone likes men and women does not mean they are sexually confused. They simply have a taste for both. If everyone had to like just peanut butter or just jelly, then peanut butter and jelly sandwiches would tell everyone that you can’t make up your mind.

However, it just means that you like both! That is what being bisexual is like, you simply are attracted to both men and women.

Gay People Should Not Be In the Military

Many people have their opinions about LGBT people being in the military community, and say that they should follow the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, or that they cannot resist their same-sex and they will not have the valor to fight on the front lines. Some say yes, but separately, because it will make the straight members uncomfortable.

Someone’s sexual orientation has absolutely nothing to do with how they do their job or how they can serve their country.

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