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Fire Safety for Kids

Fire Safety for Kids

Millions of families struggle with the loss of property and family members following a fire. A fire can destroy lives, and leave families struggling financially, emotionally and spiritually, as these families try to piece their lives back together. Children are often victims of a house fire, as they are left home alone, or they are playing with lighters, or participating in outdoor activities like fireworks or outdoor grilling. Learning fire safety for kids can certainly save lives.

Fire Safety for Kids

Parents can protect their children while they are at home, by teaching them how to safely exit the home after they detect smoke. Every home should have an escape plan. Every household member should know what steps to take, which door to exit, and where the family will meet up with each other.

Here are some safety techniques parents can implement at home, while their children are still young. A fire can happen at any time. Families that are organized and prepared often experience a more favorable outcome. These simple methods can possibly save the lives of every household member.

  • Conduct a fire drill at home once per month
  • Be sure to check and change the batteries in the smoke detectors
  • Place a fire extinguisher in the kitchen
  • Introduce children to fire safety at a young age

Schools Educate Kids on fire safety at school, and they offer children lots of fun ways to stay safe. The type of programs schools offer are age appropriate for every age group. From preschool to high school children need to know the importance of how to conduct themselves in the event of a fire, whether they are at home or at school.

Schools offer monthly or random fire drills. The entire school have to take part in the drills. Teachers are instructed on following the procedures that are listed in the school district rules and regulations sections regarding fire safety. Children are taught how to exit the building in an orderly fashion.

Running down the halls in an attempt to exit the building can cause injury to other children who are trying to get to safety as well. Children are introduced to various fire safety videos for children only, plus fire safety activities for kids. These videos and activities are used in combination with other related materials.

Fire safety tips for kids include instructions on what children should do if they are at home or school when a fire breaks out. The tips give children an important set of rules, which are old, basic and still works. Stop, Drop and Roll are the three instructions children need to remember. Sometimes giving children too many commands to follow will cause them to forget the most important rules of all.

Involve Children in Memorable Fun Activities

Therefore, teaching them the basic 3 rules will ensure their safety, in the event of a fire. To make remembering fun and meaningful parents and teachers can implement fire safety crafts for kids. Crafts are fun, and they allow children to be creative. Crafts can include creating a hand puppet of a firefighter, drawing a fire truck, or creating another type of craft that relates to “How to stay safe.”

Fire safety games for kids help children to recall what they have learned. Games can be in the form of flashcards, game boards, word games, find the clue, or any other similar type of game. During fire safety week children are introduced to a lot of important material. The school might even invite an important guest from the fire department to visit the children. Doing the visit, children get a chance to meet and talk with a real life fireman. They can ask questions about fires, and get straight answers. Children can even get a close up look of the fire engine, and see exactly what tools the firemen use to put out a fire.

Children can also ride on the fire engine, if that is permissible. After the visit, children are given fire safety worksheets. The worksheets contains lot of fun activities can children can do at school or at home. During their time at school children are introduced to fire safety songs, in addition to watching fire safety movies and videos.

The Ways Teachers Help Reinforce Fire Safety

Teachers play a major role in teaching and reinforcing what children have learnt about fire safety. Teachers follow up with lesson plans that relate to fire safety. The plans are normally carried out prior to fire safety week, or during fire safety week. This allows the information that the children have learned to remain fresh in their memories.

The fire safety rules of how to stay safe during a fire is also part of the lesson plan. Children are told what to do if they smell smoke. They are never to try to put out a fire on their own. Instead they should exit the building as quickly and safely as possible, and then go or call for help. Fire safety video for kids, and fire safety songs for kids, help children to remember that fires can hurt them.

They should never re-enter a smoke filled building to save a pet. This is the firefighter’s job, and they do it well. Children who want to learn more about firemen, fires and what causes them, normally check out books from the library. The library have age appropriate books for children of every age, and they have fire safety for kids video for rent as well.

This is the perfect place for parents to take their children so they read all about fires. This setting is just right for younger children, as they are fascinated by nature. Fire safety lesson plans for kids are what teachers use to get children familiar with fires. Fire safety rules for kids, and fire safety worksheets for kids are great follow up material.

All About Fire Safety

Communities lose property, families lose homes, and other family members due to fires. Fires are responsible for millions of dollars in structural damages. Fire prevention is the best way to fight fires. Public education program help to reach individuals throughout the community. The program educate individuals on how to develop a good fire prevention program, and which tools work the best.

One half of the fires in world are caused by carelessness. Someone throw a cigarette in the bushes, and started a forest fire, or perhaps someone went to sleep and left a pot cooking on the stove. Sometimes children find matches and lighters and carelessness set fires unaware. Unfortunately, millions of children are injured in house fires, and millions more die as a result of their injuries or due to smoke inhalation.

Fire drills help children to understand what fires are, how they happen, how they can be prevented, and how to protect themselves. Parents, teachers and communities have a responsibility to help children become model citizens. This means teaching them to be careful, and not play with matches.

There are hundreds of organizations that teaches fire prevention to children. They offer tons of programs, and intervention and prevention programs that are suitable for children of all ages. Fire destroy lives, but education save lives. The more children and adults know about fire safety, the more educated they become, and this ultimately leads to more lives being saved.

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