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The Death of Many By Female Infanticide

female infanticide

What is female infanticide? Female infanticide is the intentional killing of infant girls. Statistics show that over thousands of infant girls are killed every year in India and China. Female infanticide is not recently coming into light. It is much embedded into the culture of third world countries, India and China in particular. The culture of these third world countries push people to believe that male babies are of a higher value than female babies. As a result, female fetuses would be aborted, killed, or abandoned. The culture leads the people to believe that females are of a lesser value than males in society – that is, females cannot perform the same tasks as well as men, and they do not perform as many tasks as men.

Even though the female infanticide definition depicts that female fetuses are killed because of the culture, physically and mentally handicapped infants are killed as well. If male fetuses show signs of physical and/or mental incapabilities, they would be killed. The society would try to eliminate any signs of weaknesses or problems as early as possible. The culture of the society has engrained in the people that “weak” and “problematic” people should not be a part of that society. Also, it is best to get rid of those people earlier.

In a sense, the society may be saving those that are weaker and problematic from future harm and struggle. However, it is unfair that this standard is applied to fetuses. It is not really the mentally of the society to save the weaker people. The mentally of the society is more so that the weaker people need to be gotten rid of because they are a disgrace and embarrassment to society. What did female fetuses do wrong? How could they go wrong anyway? Why is the culture of the society forcing sex-selective abortions? The definition of infanticide is the intentional killing of fetuses because those fetuses are deemed unimportant and useless to society. In third world countries, female fetuses are killed because male fetuses are the better ones. However, the reasoning for these acts is that female babies are weaker and are of lesser value to society.

Mothers suffer as much as the fetuses. Pregnancy takes a major toll on the female body. If fetuses show signs of “problems” or “weaknesses” early, there would be an abortion. An abortion in the third world country is not safe. Sometimes women would get beaten because the family would not have enough money for an abortion. Or the men would think that the women and the “problematic” fetus are not worth the abortion. In third world countries, not only are abortions not safe, but they are also looked down upon. It is highly disapproved of when women get an abortion or think about getting an abortion. Also, getting an abortion would not keep things on the down low.

The fetuses that are deemed “weak” and “problematic” are an embarrassment to society. The people of the society believe that they should not exist. Therefore, families and women with these “weak” and “problematic” societies would try to keep everything quiet and away from the gossiping ears of their neighbors, family members, and friends. This is especially true in the poor and rural areas of third world countries. Since that sect of society is already viewed as low, weak, and disgusting as other individuals, the female fetuses that are born in the poor and rural areas are viewed at an even lower scale. It is horrid how people would have such low and disgusting opinions about babies.

The families and people of the poor and rural areas of third world countries live in extremely harsh conditions. The people of this area suffer from societal, economic, and environmental problems. They are viewed by the rest of society as the weakest link. The rest of society sees them as disgusting, lowly, dirty, and horrid. It is also very difficult for these people to get jobs. A family of five would have to survive on small rations and little to no money every month. Some people think that female infanticide is a way to help these families. If there was another mouth to feed, these families would suffer even more. Therefore, killing the female fetuses would help the families. When the female babies grow up, they could not be of much value to society and the family as the male.

Female infanticide in India is especially prominent. A lot of cultural bias against women exists in India. Female children are looked upon as a burden on the family. This goes to the notion that females are viewed as the weaker sex in that society. Women cannot perform the same tasks or cannot perform the tasks as well as men. Men view women as inferior and lowly. Part of the incentive behind female infanticide is to skew the population of the women and men in society. Before, women and men would be of almost equal populations. However, because of female infanticide, the population of females has been dropping. There are more and more males in these third world countries now.

Although the government does not explicitly support female infanticide, they do not stop it from happening. In China, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has created laws that provide equal rights for women and men. However, female infants are still being killed, tortured, aborted, and abandoned daily. The government argues that female infanticide is necessary in order to even out the population and to stop the population from increasing. If there are fewer females in the population, less and less babies would be born. Although this is a sound argument, very little people would agree with it. The argument also has a lot of holes in it.

Female infanticide is not a matter that many people want to discuss. However, it is something that is occurring every single day in third world countries, India and China in particular. Is it really fair to kill female fetuses because they are viewed as weaker and problematic compared to male fetuses? How could female fetuses be an embarrassment to society? Before the females get a chance to live their lives, they are killed, aborted, tortured, and neglected. This is the harsh reality. Female infanticide exists. Some people would say that there is nothing we could do about it. If it is not happening in our country, then it should be acceptable. However, female infanticide is morally and ethically wrong around the world. Just because it is not happening in your own country, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care. Female infanticide is destroying the lives of many female fetuses. They are innocent.

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