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Female Bullying

In a day and age and a society that depends so wholly on the personal appearance of individuals it is no wonder that female bullying is at an all time high. We idolize women that have unrealistic body types, that weigh less than they should, and that wear more makeup than the average woman even owns. Bullying across the board is on a rise for a few different reasons and female bullying is just one of the disturbing off shoots.


With the advent and popularization of the internet in the nineties came the chance to conceptualize and see the world with nothing more than a few clicks of a mouse. With this great power came great responsibility as some superheroes might say, and moderators these days have quite frankly dropped the ball. Though it is nearly impossible to police every threat, every bad comment, and every negative thing that crosses the web, there is now so much more going on that it is impossible for websites to keep people from posting negative remarks.

The internet is at once a beautiful and ugly thing. There are so many opportunities to do good and to use the internet for positive things that it is a wonder that people bother to use internet for negativity. Bullying these days is running rampant. As mentioned before, there is now more bullying than ever before. Children are going unmonitored and unattended resulting in their posting whatever they feel.

With sites like Facebook and Myspace where teens and tweens can say whatever they want without fear of real repercussions, bullying has skyrocketed in the past few years. There are now more cases of documented cyberbullying than ever before, many cases resulting in the suicide of the parties involved. Though there have been no real laws about cyberbullying that have been passed, there are a few in the works that are set to help curb bullying on the internet.

Bullying in Schools

Though cyberbullying is one of the biggest issues when it comes to girl bullying and bullying in general, there has also been a rapid rise in bullying in schools. Parents and teachers alike have noticed a steep increase in bullying cases and reports of bullying in schools. In a day and age where being thin and unnaturally beautiful are valued, it is no wonder that little girls and older girls alike have a hard time living up to expectations.

In many cases, bullying stems from the home life of the children involved. Those kids that do not get enough attention or that tend to feel as if they are inferior are much more likely to bully other students when they get to school. Female children in particular are harsher and more deliberate when it comes to the negative treatment of their peers. Much like the television only shows attractive women, female children equate that beauty with happiness.

In more cases than not, those girls that are partaking in bullying are insecure themselves and have no one to talk to at home to relieve the stress. Though this is not an excuse for bullying, it is a causal factor. Many female children that choose to bully others are in need of help and in need of a friend to talk to. In more cases than not, if a child is given the opportunity to talk about why they choose to bully, they will discontinue the behavior.

Pack Mentality

Still another reason that females are more prone to bullying is the pack mentality that they experience. Females in general connect on a much more emotional level than males. This means that a girl that is susceptible to the persuasion of others is going to do more to fit in emotionally as well as physically with their peers.

Much like the girls that entered into the pregnancy pact where they all agreed to get pregnant, it is far easier for girls to get caught up in things like bullying for the sake of fitting in. When you put a group of boys together, the response is likely to be physical for the most part. Though there may be some verbal abuse, the vast majority of bullying from males results in physical violence.

With females however, most bullying is purely psychological. As a general rule women are more in tune with their minds whereas men are more in tune with their bodies. This being the case, more bullying from girls is things like name calling, teasing, and using their words and personal actions to hurt another person as opposed to something like beating another person up.

What Can We Do?

There are a wide range of things that you can do to stop bullying both if your child is being bullied and if your child happens to be the bully. First and foremost in both cases you should take the time to look for the signs and talk to your children. So much of the bullying that goes on today can be prevented just by having a simple sit down with your kids to discuss what is bothering them and why the feel like bullying others or that they are being bullied.

Another helpful hint is to offer a venue or a vent for this type of behavior. In many cases, children that are involved in after school activities and those that have hobbies are far less likely to be involved in bullying than those that have tons of time on their hands. Rather than letting your child come home and play video games for three or four hours, get them out to get rid of excess energy and really exercise body and mind.

The most important thing you can do however is to watch for the signs. You can tell when your child is both being bullied and bullying others. Though it may be hard to admit that your precious little baby is a bully, the first step to stopping the behavior is to recognize and address it head on. Change does not happen overnight, you should take the time to seek out change.

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