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What to Do When You Feel Threatened

What to Do When You Feel Threatened

How to Overcome Suspicion and What to Do When You Feel Threatened?

If you have reached a state where you feel uncomfortable or distressed due to someone online- then you have every right to report them- it’s as simple as that.

It is often difficult to be certain or decisive; especially if these people started coming off as friends or pals, and you might want to assume the best in people.  But you also know yourself, and your personality; if you have a nature of assuming the best, and this person is having you question that, then what more proof do you need?

– If you think it may be you, and are uncertain of their intentions; then ask for a second opinion before taking an action but be very cautious in the meantime. This is What to Do When You Feel Threatened.

What to Do When You Feel Threatened? Don’t doubt your instincts; if a person has conveyed to you inappropriate or weird remarks. if they have shown aggressive or violent behavior, and if they have in any way crossed over your personal space or threatened your security- then that’s not right

It’s always a good quality to be trusting and warm-natured; but don’t confuse that with being gullible or passive- and there’s a simple checklist to determine which of them you’re being right now, here is What to Do When You Feel Threatened:

1- Has this person been persistent in finding out personal information about you- even when you were unwilling to share it?

2- Have they repetitively used this information in the context of a joke at your expense? Or in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable?

3- If they have identified your weakness points, do they use them in comparisons with other people (themselves or mutual acquaintances maybe)

4-have they shared something negative about you with other people? Did they do it more then once?

5-do their actions feel like a fluke, or do they seem deliberate?

6-do they share things back with you, or does it seem like they maybe harvesting as much information about you while their personality is still in the shadows?

7-do they ridicule others in a way that seems cruel? Do they target specific people?

8-have they brought forth signs of violence? Aggression?  (Threats, showing pleasure at others misfortunes etc..)

9- Are they evasive when you confront them with any of these facts? Do they continue to do something after you’ve made it clear that it upsets you?

These questions are to help you determine your next step, you probably have an idea already- but this is to help you make sure.

It’s normal to have flaws, but if the answer to most of these questions is in the affirmative; then be sure that these people are not your friends and they are directly, and intentionally causing you harm which needs to stop

It’s good to make excuses for someone the first time; but when you find yourselves running out of excuses-then that’s probably for good cause.

Even if they sometimes make you feel good, even if they apologize for their actions or otherwise seem like a cool person- there’s no excuse for intentionally hurting others and that’s what they’re doing. Spread the word on What to Do When You Feel Threatened

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