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Bradley Knudson Defends Daughter Over Racist Bullying

In an emotional video, Bradley Knudson took to YouTube this week to address the bullying his adopted African American daughter has faced. Over the New Year his daughter was on snapchat, and she received 4 videos of a group of teenagers calling her things such as ‘sl*ut’ and ’n*gger.’ Obviously he and his wife tried to contact the teenager’s parents and when they couldn’t get through they contacted the police.

Father calls out his daughter’s racist bullies (and their parents’ unbelievable response) in emotional video
The father of two of the teenagers called up Bradley Knudson and not only told him that what his children had been saying was fine but he also called him a ‘f*ggot’ and a ’n*gger lover’ and to that Mr Knudson replied “yes I am a N lover, because I love my daughter more that life.” Obviously the actions of these children and their father were bullying towards the Knudson family, and Mr. Knudson thought it would be best to get it off his chest. Commenters on the YouTube video have been very encouraging, and have praised Bradley for sticking up for his daughter. One commenter said: “The father of the twins definitely showed where the kids got their attitudes from. He’s not repentant at all so there’s no doubt that his children believe they’re not doing any wrong either.” Another commenter said “You’re a wonderful father to stand up for your daughter.” Watch the video here:

Racism and bullying in Prior Lake Minnesota
For more information and advice on how to deal with similar situations in the school environment, read more about racism in schools.

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