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Facebook Friends

Facebook Friends

Facebook friends comprise a part of your virtual social life. These are people that have access to every bit of information concerning your online persona including highly personal details. This includes things like: pictures from past events, personal quotes, interests and more. Facebook friends can see whatever you are doing online, anytime they want. As long as it’s online, it’s accessible. 

In the beginning, Facebook friends were supposed to be online versions of people you have contact with on a daily basis. They might also include distant friends and relatives. However, people have abused this feature by sending friend requests to people they don’t know. With the emergence of celebrity social media profiles, people started stalking them and obsessing over every minute detail of their lives. Due to many user complaints, people cannot send friend requests to strangers without filling out a small survey from Facebook.

Facebook Friends List

The friends list is a list of an individual’s Facebook friends. To find out how many friends you have, just click on the tab Friends on your profile page. There will also be tabs dividing your friends into:

  • All Friends.
  • Hometown.
  • Recently Added.
  • Birthdays.
  • High School.
  • Followers.

In case of children and young teens logging onto Facebook parents can access all of their friends by clicking All Friends tab. There are also special features for parents to control their children’s activities and friendship preferences on Facebook.

Facebook Friend Search

Searching for Facebook friends is a very easy task. On your main page, there will be a search bar at the top that you can type into anytime. All you have to do is enter the name of a friend. If this friend has a Facebook account, it will show instantly. This is how you get in touch with estranged friends and family members.

If you want to make a quick scan through your friends, simply type one letter into the search bar. This search will produce all of your current friends who have a name beginning with this letter.

Even though the search for Facebook friends can take a few hours, or even a few days, but finding these old, long lost friends make everything worth it in the end. You might be able to connect with your high school sweetheart whom you haven’t seen in years.

This social media platform would also help you find people from other countries, too. Whether they’re school friends who have travelled to a faraway country, or your online pen pal, Facebook allows you to connect with those people, making distances seem smaller.

Facebook friends create a more intimate environment for a person online. On lonely nights, people will always have at least one person they can chat with for a while. On holidays, people would share greetings and get fewer tendencies to suffer the “holiday blues”. Facebook in general has created a solid ground for people to feel more accepted and less alone.

How to Delete Friends on Facebook

It is relatively easy to delete one or more of your Facebook friends. All you have to do is the following:

  1. Type in your friend’s name and visit his/her profile.
  2. Click on the Friends button in the profile, a drop down menu will show up.
  3. Click Unfriend and confirm the popup message that appears.
  4. Now this person is no longer on your friends list.

Luckily, when people click the Unfriend command, Facebook makes them click on a confirmation “yes” before the deletion. This is in case a person removes a friend by mistake.

facebook friends

Unfollow Friends on Facebook

Removing your Facebook friends has proved to be an unnecessary problem. People might get upset over shared posts or conflicting political views so in the spur of the moment, they “unfriend”. To solve these issues, Facebook devised the Unfollow settings tool. Using it, you can keep all the friends and relatives you like, without having to bear posts from oversharers and weirdos. You can also choose to See Less From a particular friend. This would be a rehearsal for whether you would like to keep following that person or not. To simplify how the Unfollow tool works: You are still friends with the “unfollowed” individual, but you cannot tell when they are online, see anything they post, or when they have updated their relationship status.

Facebook Friend Request

A Facebook friend request is the first step in the entire friendship process. After you send somebody a friend request, the individual will be notified about it. If they choose to confirm this, you two will become friends immediately.

It is also easy to figure out whether somebody deleted your friend request by going back and visiting their profile few days after sending the request. That way, you can keep track of your Facebook experience.

Average Number of Facebook Friends

Every month, the average number of Facebook users varies because the social network is becoming more popular as days go by. However, the average number of Facebook friends is limited to no more than 5,000 friends. People with over 1,000 friends are mostly extremely popular people who spend the majority of their time on Facebook.

There are also people that only have their family members as friends, so their friends lists comprise 20-30 individuals at large.


Making new friends with people on Facebook is great. It is a way of introducing new people into your life and broadening your online social circles. However, like most daily matters, if it gets too out of control it could end up pretty badly. Keeping your Facebook friends list controlled and intimate is the ultimate way to a safe and enjoyable online experience.


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