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Extreme Cyber Bullying: The Amanda Cummings Story

Extreme Cyber Bullying The Amanda Cummings Story

Victims of Cyber bullying who seek no help, often get into phases of depression, loss of appetite and psychological illness. If things escalate, Cyber bullying may lead some people to commit suicide. Learn about the tragic story of Amanda Cummings Now!

Amanda Cummings was 15 years old when she threw herself in front of a city bus in Staten Island just a couple of days after Christmas. The New York Police Department confirmed a note in the victim’s pocket, but did not comment on its content.

It was disclosed later, through family members. that the note talked about a failed relationship with a boyfriend and how Amanda Cummings could not live without him.

Friends and family suggest that the Cyber bullying was a main contributor to Amanda Cummings ‘ suicide incident; but mentioned that the failed relationship with said boyfriend added to her stress.

They added that when Amanda Cummings was hospitalized back in 2009, for cutting herself, she would receive mean and threatening messages on her Facebook wall.

Shortly after, her facebook posts have been noted to be alarming. In one disturbing post on December 1st she said: “I‘ll go kill myself”.

A close source to the case told the New York Post that no one has ever witnessed Amanda being bullied. However, the posts on her memorial page set up on Facebook suggest otherwise.

One very disturbing note read, ‘Bus was cummin’ Bitch was watchin’ Oh hurry Amanda Your bus cummin.’

Also on her memorial page, her older sister begged anyone who had evidence regarding Cummings being bullied to come forward, as she plans to collect witnesses to make legal statement.

Investigations have been running ever since the incident, but recently, Amanda Cummings ‘  suicide was linked with depression as well as an escalation in her cigarette and alcohol consumption, cyber bullying was ruled out as a main factor to her suicide.

Just hours before her suicide, Cummings left a disturbing note on her facebook page, “… Nd ill die tonight crying over you..’ Cummings stated.

Although cyber bullying may not have been the main reason why Cummings has killed herself, it definitely had its effect.

After this incident turned public opinion towards the threatening dangers of cyber bullying, New York lawmakers introduced a bill that would enable prosecutors the tools they need to treat cyber bullying as the crime it is.

The bill is basically an update to the already existing cyber and harassment law that adds cyber bullying as a form of stalking and/or harassment.

As far as her mother is concerned, Amanda Cummings was a victim of cyber bullying: “This is to all you evil son of a bitches that picked on, talked about and threatened my baby. I HOPE YOU DIE and I HOPE YOU SUFFER.”, stated Amanda’s mother Cece Weber on her late daughter’s facebook page.

Do you think Amanda Cummings’ story is going unread and unremembered! Help other teens not face the same fate of Amanda Cummings today!

Read more on not to become a cyberbully’s victim here. 

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