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Examination of Cyber Bullying in Poland

Examination of Cyber Bullying in Poland

Cyber Bullying in Poland

Poland is highly concerned with the issue of cyber-bullying. Studies show that 52% of Polish internet users between the ages of 12-17 have been victims of abuse on the web or via mobile phones.

With Poland being a civil law state, the Polish law deals with cyber-bullying through making civil and criminal law references. A law that stands for the sole purpose of combating cyber-bullying is still not present.

However, on a regional level, Poland took solid steps towards dealing with cyber-bullying on a European scale. COST Action IS0801 was coded during the International Conference on Cyber-bullying held in Paris in June 2012. Its recommendations stress on enhancing the positive use of technology among children and teenagers as well as coping with the negative outputs of that use i.e. cyber bullying.

On a local level, Polish civil society foundations have been quite occupied with cyber-bullying. The Nobody’s Children Foundation conducted a research indicating rates of cyber bullying in Poland.

• Every second young Internet user (52%) has had some contact with verbal abuse on the Web or via mobile phones. 47% percent of the child participants have experienced crude name-calling.

• 21% have been humiliated or mocked; 16% have been intimidated and blackmailed.

• 29% report having been impersonated on the Internet.

•More than half (57%) of the respondents in the 12–17 age group have at least once been video recorded or photographed against their will.

•14% of the children report cases of humiliating or embarrassing material about them having been disseminated through the Internet or GSM services.

•The research findings have been used to plan prevention activities taken by the Nobody’s Children Foundation within the nation-wide media and educational campaign “Stop Cyber-bullying” – a part of the European “Safer Internet” project in Poland.

Another civil society organization that worked with bullying is uKnowKids, who have created downloadable manuals addressing cyber-bullying and offering online safety tips for parents, tweens, teens and kids.

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