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Empowering Parents for Fighting Bullying

Empowering Parents

In today’s world, it is important to feel empowered. Parents can and do take an active part in the issues with bullying every day when they deal with these problems, both at school and online. How can parents feel empowered to do more than just sit back and watch their child struggle with these issues? Learn about Empowering Parents for Fighting Bullying Now!

Parenting Articles

There are many resources for parents online and off line today who are dealing with this issues on a first-hand basis. A good place to start is parenting magazines such as: Parenting, or do a search on Barnes and Noble for some of the best resources for parents today in dealing with various parenting issues. There are many articles about children also online, including this site, so bookmark us and return often to read more about how to deal with bullying and other parenting topics.

The Center for Parenting Education has a list of helpful articles about children of all ages on their website. They focus on specific ideas on how to deal with things that come up as kids develop, and what to do about discipline, as well as a host of other topics, including bullying.

Parenting Help

One of the best things you can do as a parent to feel more empowered is to get help from others in your community and school. Parents who are more involved in their child’s school activities are generally seen as better parents and it helps with your relationships with school personnel, should you ever need their help in the future. So volunteer for some school activities, be there at any and all PTO meetings you can, and get involved in what your child is doing at school. In addition, there are national parent organizations which focus on cyber bullying and bullying which can be a helpful resource to you. Check out one of the following organizations to see how they can empower you to do more to help your child succeed in school and in life, and combat bullying:

Parents Empowered

Here is a list of organizations to check into to get started in your quest to find out more about how you can help your kids:

Academic Development Institute (ADI)

Hand-in-Hand: Nurturing the Parent-Child Connection (online magazine)

The Center for Public Education

The National Education Association (NEA)

Family Involvement in Children’s Education

National Parent/Teacher Assocation (PTA)

All of these organizations and resources are helpful for parents who are struggling to find answers for some of the difficult problems facing their children today, whether it be academic issues, social issues, or bullying problems. Of course, your first line of defense is to keep the lines of communication with your child’s school open and to talk to teachers, counselors, and administrators with any issues you face. They can help, but only if they know there is a problem. In those cases when they won’t help, you have some other recourse you can take.

The best and most influential organization you can join from the list above is the National PTA (last link above). This organization is the National chapter of the Parent/Teacher Organization for the United States of America and is located in Washington, D.C. If you are involved in an issue which you believe should be looked at on the highest level, this is a great place to appeal to. The National PTA is openly involved in a number of very important issues today regarding children and the law regarding anti-bullying, cyber bullying, and the general protection and well-being of children, as well as federal legislation for academic progress and development. They are not a legislative body, but they are a highly empowered parent group on the national level which has a lot of influence on the powers-that-be in Washington. It also allows you to connect with other parents across the country who might be dealing with the same or similar issues as you, so that you feel more empowered to deal with the issues by leaning on a friend who shares your situation.

Other Parenting Resources

Below is a link to other parenting resources (by state) which connects you to some of the most active parent organizations to help your kids with issues they may face regarding bullying or other school-related issues:

Getting Involved

There are many Amazon Kindle books on thist topic also which you can read and gleam some knowledge and wisdom from, which may help you in your journey to help your child. But the best thing you can do to become an empowered parent is to empower your child.

Empowering Your Child

Kids have struggles every day-it’s all a part of growing up. But it is important to make your child feel they are empowered to do something about bullying when it occurs, or any of the other problems they may face as they go about their day. Some of the things you can do involve telling your child to first try to deal with the bully head-on. Most bullies are not violent (though it is possible so this should be used with caution). But instruct your child to stand up to the bully and say, “The school has rules against bullying and I know that what you are doing is bullying me. If you continue doing this, I will have no choice but to report your behavior.”

Bullies are not used to this kind of direct confrontation. They generally pick on people who don’t stand up for themselves. So often this type of approach works with a bully. If they feel they will get in trouble by continuing to harass your child, they may move on.

It is always best if your child feels they can do something about the situation themselves. Older kids should take the initiate themselves whenever they are threatened with violence or maltreatment. This is an important life lesson for them, as well as a solution for their school problems. Kids should never put up with being harassed or mistreated either in school or in the real world, so the sooner they learn this lesson, the better.

Finally, the more you empower your kids to take care of themselves, the more you will feel empowered as a parent to help your child deal with things as they come up.

If you keep up with the news and media, especially online, you will find a number of resources, in addition to those we have mentioned, to help your child, and yourself to cope. There are many parent organizations, parenting articles, and articles about children which are designed with you in mind, the parent who wants the best for your child.

There are still many laws which need to be changed too, to help parents and kids to cope. Some laws are not properly enforced in some states or districts, while others are non-existent. Go to your state legislators and petition them to change or increase the laws regarding cyber bullying and other forms of maltreatment, so that the world is safer for everyone.

As more and more people are online and as more kids have such easy access to mobile technology, it will become even more important to keep up with the privacy policies, laws, and practices of online organizations and to seek out resources which help combat child maltreatment.

Come back to our site often for more information. We focus on anti-bullying legislation and information designed for empowering parents and offering parenting help in this challenging time.

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