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Employee Harassment And How Companies Handle it

Workplace Bullying Cases

Employee harassment is a major problem in a lot of different workplaces, but if a company has a plan in place, it is easy for them to overcome the issues which are affecting them each and every day. The problem is a lot of companies are not sure how they can handle this problem because they have never had to cope with the problem before. This is when the companies should know about a couple of ways to get the right plan in place and guarantee they can handle the bullying complaints they are getting on a regular basis.

Establish A Harassment Plan

Typically the first step which companies need to have done is have a plan put in place. These plans should be comprehensive and cover all the different types of bullying which is going on each day, but also what constitutes harassment. By knowing what is considered harassment, employees will not have an excuse for carrying it out, but also know what kind of repercussions could happen to them should they harass someone.

When the plans are put into place, during orientation or for current employees, they should sign a form saying they have read and know about the plan. By having the employees read and sign a document saying they are aware of the plan and issues which could happen to them, the employees will not have any defense should they be accused of harassing another employee.

Something else which should be included in the plans is what the discipline is for each type of harassment type. For example, a minor infraction could result in a letter in a file for a year, but for a more serious type of harassment like fighting, it could result in immediate dismissal of the employees who are involved.

Provide Seminars

Seminars are not something which a lot of companies want to have, but these do provide quite a bit of valuable information to the employees. Not only do these provide information, they can give handouts as well which will make it easy for the employees to follow along. However, if a seminar is to be given, the person presenting the information needs to make sure they have the proper training to provide the information and also gives people the information which they need to have about what is being said or provided in the seminar.

Finding a qualified specialist in the employee harassment field to present the information is the biggest challenge for people. However, when a company is able to find these people, it is easy for them to know they are going to be able to get the right help and information to the employees who are working hard for the company.

Provide A Hotline Number

A lot of times, people will not report any type of harassment because they are afraid of what could happen to them for reporting the harassment to a supervisor who is immediately over them. However, when a company has a hotline number, the harassment is able to be reported without revealing who they are and the type of harassment. By having this type of anonymous type of reporting people will be more likely to report the harassment and not have to worry about being retaliated at.

When this number is set up, it should be staffed by people who are trained in dealing with the bullying or employee harassment types of situations which are happening on a regular basis in the workplace. If the employees not staffing the location is not well versed or trained in this type of action, the company could have more problems because the staffers do not know the right questions to ask of the person reporting the harassment and lead to nothing being done.

Running a company used to be really easy to do. However, a lot of people have started to find employee harassment is a major issue they are facing. This is when the companies should know more information on what they can do to stop the harassment from happening and when it does happen how they can handle the problem properly. Without this type of assistance, employees may stop working for the company because it is viewed as being uncaring for the employees.

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