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Effects of Depression

Effects of Depression

Depression is a condition that subjects the brain to too much pressure, thereby resulting into emotional anguish. With the change in the chemistry of the brain, your entire body is also exposed to countless risks. Bullying is one of the major causes of this condition amongst kids in the UK. There have been cases of school children skipping school, committing suicide and doing lots of other weird things just because of bullies. This just shows the magnitude of the pressure that builds up in the brain. Learn more on the Effects of Depression!

So what are the Effects of Depression? Depression related to bullying is a serious health hazard as it can lead to many health conditions. Acute depression can result into one indulging in dangerous acts like drug abuse and massive use of alcohol. This is normally in the effort to run away from reality. However, this is only a temporary “remedy” to the predicaments. Kids who resort to similar kinds of action are only helping the “bullying club” to accomplish their intentions. At the end of it all children end up making their destiny even more blurred with the high levels of dependency on dangerous drugs.

Bullying in the UK has changed the course of many kids’ lives. Their normal life patterns have been altered, leaving them as mere “wrecks”. A once very energetic and jovial kid suddenly makes a total turn-around. They may also lose their appetite. It becomes difficult for one to get any sleep, and in the event making the brain more congested. The head feels heavy and you lazily carry it around.

The effects of depression also touch on the victim’s life. Those people that the victim so much loves and cares about all of sudden don’t seem valuable anymore. They withdraw from the family members and just keep to themselves. They tend to keep a low profile and detached from those friends that they used to hang out with it. Anyone who tries to show concern ends up being ignored. This is very detrimental as it ruins the relationships that took long to build in the glimmer of an eye. Rebuilding them becomes a task on its own and you end up losing the trust of some people.

Below is a very interesting infographic from our friends at HealthLine on the effects of depression

The Effects of Depression on the Body

The health of the victim is also not spared. According to previous research in the UK over bullying and effects of depression, one is exposed to diseases such as stroke and coronary artery diseases. This is especially in the cases where the individual’s depression state has reached the climax. It has proved that depressed patients undergoing medical treatment experience hardships in following the doctors’ instructions as a result of the bullying.

Conditions like heart disease might worsen since it is hard to deal with the challenges presented by your illness. Another study shows that patients with major depression have a risk of death within few months of suffering a heart attack. Other diseases that are likely to be caused or escalated by depression are arthritis, cancer, kidney disease, lupus, and diabetes. As a parent with a kid with any of these conditions, you have to go an extra mile in securing them against bullying.

In addition, depression might lead to weight loss or gain. The weight lost or gained is so significant and it will be easily noticeable. Again, these are fresh stimuli of new problems. Extreme weight gain exposes one to many health risks besides the fact that they feel hopeless and helpless. Irritability is also another effect. The kid easily gets worked up for no particular reason.

Kids who suffer from extreme cases of bullying might develop depression, thus prompting memory loss. They can’t remember a thing that just took place a couple of minutes or hours ago. The condition deteriorates to the extent that they even forget some important activities that were to be executed by them. The danger side is that the children’s education is sure to be adversely influenced. When it reaches to this level, most of the pupils would see themselves as failures and they might start absconding some classes. This may lead to poor performance.

There are reduced levels of concentration for people in a state of depression. Their mind can’t focus on a particular thing for a minute and their eyes keep on shifting from place to place. At all times, the brain is in an indefinite state of fatigue and they feel as though the head is about to burst. This affects their productivity in anything that they touch. Whether it’s a simple or involving task, nothing ever materializes.

In conclusion, it is important to note that the  Effects of Depression arising out of bullying can be managed if given due attention at an early stage. The sooner you get the victim to talk, the better. You have to be prepared to encounter some resistance from the victim as they won’t easily open up. You might have to do it over and over again without success, but it’s worth it. Persistence will definitely work out for you in the end and the victim will be restored to normalcy.

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