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Educational Activities for Kids who have been Bullied

Educational Activities for Kids who have been Bullied

When children are bullied, their self-esteem will be low, often rock bottom. What is required are activities that will re-establish their self-esteem, and even re-educate the thinking of bullies themselves. Discover Educational Activities for Kids who have been Bullied!

One important question to ask is what is the child good at, and what do they enjoy? If you can find an activity that fits those criteria, success will boost their morale. Ideally (but not strictly required) you would want an activity that is team-based. This would show the child that they are not alone, and the team depends on the work of them all.

Educational Activities for Kids: Teamwork Through Sports

While not as popular in the United States as it is in other countries, Rugby is the epitome of a team sport. There are few specialist players, and in fact every player is expected to do the jobs of others should the need arise. One man (or child) will not win games, but a team working together can. Even if the child is just an average player, if they were not on the field, the team would be weakened.

Similar in spirit and game play, the Pro Football played at all levels in America is another great team sport. There may be specialists, and your child may even be one of them, but the fully meshed and functioning team is what wins. The same is true of Association Football (or Soccer), or the great variety of similar games played throughout the world.

If your child feels like he is part of a team, then he will feel more confident in himself. If their efforts for the team help the team as a whole to win, that would boost morale for every member of the squad.

It sounds too simple, does it not? But sometimes simple works. Your child may not be interested in any of these sports, or feels they cannot play them at a skill level that would be considered appropriate for proposed team. No matter, you can find a sport they do enjoy and help them with that. Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, even Lacrosse are all team sports, and the list goes on and on.

If your child is not an active one, there are still places for them in the team. The much maligned water-boy is still an integral part of the team, and shares in their success, as do cheerleaders. Now, nowhere is it written that cheerleaders have to be slim and agile. Anyone can rouse the spirits of the team and fans, even if it just by banging a drum from the side-lines.

Educational Activities for Kids: Other Sports and Sport-like Activities

If for example your child was a decent tennis player, it would be strange to ignore that talent if they enjoyed playing. If they win games, singly or through doubles, their self-confidence will take a boost. There plenty of non-team sports (track and field, badminton, squash and golf are but a few), and even non-sports that have teams. I myself enjoyed being part of a Pool (Billiards) team. I was not the best player, but I loved to play and loved the camaraderie. Ten Pin Bowling is not considered a sport by many, but there are teams and leagues out there, just as there are for just about any competitive activity.

Educational Activities for Kids: Games and Fun

Some kids really do not like sports or similar things, or much prefer sedentary activities. No problem, these can work too. If your child enjoys Chess, Monopoly, Dungeons and Dragons or online games, encourage it if it boosts their belief in themselves.

Some of the things you can do for fun can even be team or group orientated, with Chess clubs or LARPing (Live Action Role-Playing), which will help your child interact with people who shares their interests. This practicing of people skills will help them with interactions outside of their club.

Even if the interest is played solo, if your child does well, it will boost them immeasurably.

Educational Activities For Kids that Bully

It is not just the victims that need help, the bullies do too. There are reasons behind their behavior, and often those reasons can be addressed by including the bully in sports or sport-like activities. Let them feel what it is like to be part of a team, let them see that everyone is important, regardless of prejudicial stereotypes.

Even if they are not an active person, if they have an interest, something that they enjoy, it is always possible to find examples of people who can inspire them to better themselves, or show them that their prejudice has flaws. Regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, gender or other categorization, there is always someone who falls into a category that a bully may hate, but be a person that is great at what they do and can be respected for it. The point can be demonstrate in ways like this:

The bully is anti-Latino, and loves Baseball. There are many highly skilled Latino Baseball players. Imagine one of them signed for your favorite team and helped them achieve success. Would you hate that player, hate your own team, or give the player the respect that they deserve?

Educational Activities for Kids: The Aim of the Game

The key thing is finding things they enjoy, and can do well in. Thrusting your computer loving child into a Football team could be counter-productive if they do not like the sport, or feel they are not good enough. Start with what they like and can do, and once that has shown results you could potentially move to other activities. It can be a long process, but a worthwhile one.

Spread the word about Educational Activities for Kids for have been bullied! These activities will sure help kids that have been bullied in ways you can’t imagine. Help kids that have been bullied with these activities. 


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