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Why you Need to Write an Editorial on Bullying for School

Editorial on Bullying

Start writing an editorial on bullying for your school today!

There are many different ways to help stop bullying from occurring at your school, in the workplace and in your community. Everything from stopping bullies from picking on someone to ignoring the bully when he or she starts picking on you. Other ways to help stop bullying include getting involved in community and school projects, rallies and other events focused on preventing these heinous acts from happening in the first place.

One way to get involved is to write an editorial on bullying that can be published in a school newspaper, on the website or through a local community newspaper or publishing company. Editorials on bullying can include everything from personal experience to how you feel bullying is being handled by your school and what you think needs to be done to conquering the topic of should bullying be illegal. This is amazing platform to voice your opinion and your options are unlimited.

Characteristics of editorials about bullying

According to the State University of New York at Genesso, an editorial “is an article that presents the newspaper’s opinion on an issue.” Editorials are generally focused on what the editorial board votes on as being a hot topic and something that everyone on the board believes needs to be addressed.

An editorial on bullying can be used to help raise awareness of the growing concern students, educators and community members have regarding this topic. This shows that the subject has reached the attention of local and school newspapers. The overall goal of the editorial is to state an argument and use words to persuade readers into thinking the way the newspaper things.

Since editorials are meant to influence overall public opinion of a topic, a good editorial about bullying should include:

  • Introduction – states what will be discussed
  • Body – cover key points of topic
  • Conclusion – wraps everything up and includes why the newspaper has taken the stand they did
  • Objective explanation of the issue
  • Have a timely news angle
  • Include opinions from opposing viewpoint
  • Be written in a professional manner
  • Offer alternative solutions to the problem and issue

Writing an editorial on bullying

Now that you know the different components involved with writing an editorial, let’s take a look at some tips to help you write the best editorial possible.

  • Pick a significant topic or current news angle about bullying that would grab the interest of readers
  • Gather information and facts on the topic
  • State your opinion in a professional manner
  • Explain the issue like a report would by talking about the situation and its importance
  • Include opposing viewpoints in the form of quotations and include some facts
  • Refute the opposing side’s opinion by presenting facts, details, quotations and figures that back up your side of the debate
  • Acknowledge any good points presented by the opposition
  • Repeat key issues and phrases to help reinforce your point in the reader’s mind
  • Offer some solutions to the problem, including any ideas that are not common knowledge
  • Wrap it up with a statement that reinforces your editorial and leaves a lasting impression
  • Avoid using the word “I” when possible
  • Save your strongest argument for last
  • Pick an opposition with a strong argument
  • Avoid being passive

Short editorials, approximately 500 words, are the best to use when writing editorial articles for students. This will keep the information concise and short enough that will keep the reader’s attention from start to finish.

More tips

In addition to the key components required to make an effective editorial on bullying, there are a few other tips to keep in mind when writing one. Here are some tips from the National Recreation and Park Association for those wanting to write an editorial:

  • Be concise while still covering the background of the issue and/or campaign
  • Cite national trends that show support for the issue you are debating
  • Add local content to the editorial
  • Highlight any success of congressional support for the topic
  • Talk to someone significant when it comes to speaking out about the subject

Editorial topic ideas

There are so many concerns over bullying, which is why there are so many topics you can focus on for your editorials. Some topic ideas include:

  • Cyber bullying editorial
  • Stop bullying now
  • Recognizing the problem
  • We have a problem, now let’s fix it
  • Teen suicide is on the rise
  • Stop the violence
  • Highlight organizations that help victims


If you are not looking to write an editorial yourself, but want to read different editorials for students, community members, educators and public officials, you can research different websites that post these types of articles. Websites such as local newspapers, CNN, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and some universities have editorials published about the topic on bullying.

Overall, a bullying editorial should explain and interpret the topic, criticize actions of those doing nothing, persuade the audience to take action and praise those who are making an effort to stop bullying within your community. If you are looking to have your voice heard and start making a difference in your community, consider writing an editorial on bullying. The best way to raise awareness about a topic is to get the word out there in front of as many people as possible and an editorial is just another avenue to be heard.

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