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Searching for Easy Suicide Methods?

Easy Suicide

There are several aspects that are worth noting about someone’s search for easy suicide methods.  If you are here searching for an easy suicide, then you need to understand where this search might be taking you. 

What the Numbers Say

In studies done, the number of minors who attempt to commit suicide every year has risen to over 2 million. Of these two million, 700,000 of them actually succeed in killing themselves. When looking at teens, girls are more likely to attempt to commit suicide but boys are more likely to actually complete the act of killing themselves. Among male teens all races had some suicides but Native Americans made up almost 23% of these figures. Second was Non Hispanic Whites with almost 17%.

According to the CDC this is the third leading cause of death for people between the ages of 10 and 24. This means that it is not just teens who are committing suicide. They do make up a larger percentage of these figures but they are not the only ones. In fact, children as young as 9 and 10 have committed suicide. While suicide is tragic at any age, it is even more so in a child who had not truly begun their life yet.

Why Kids Commit Suicide

Each person does so for their own reasons. One of the most popular reasons for teens to commit suicide is bullying. One of the most famous examples of this is with Amanda Todd. People started spreading vulgar pictures of her in sexual acts which only spurred more people to call her names online. This lead to her killing herself by drinking bleach. While this may not be one of the easy ways to commit suicide she thought this was her only option and it was simply sad.

The other reason many teens kill themselves is because of problems they are facing. They may be failing in school and feel like they are ruining their lives or it could be because of a personal matter they are dealing with at home or with friends. In these cases, the children simply lose themselves in their problem and cannot see the bigger picture.

The Growing Trend in Searches

An alarming fact with teen suicides is that more and more are searching out ways to do this. They look up things such as easy suicides or easy ways suicide can be done. Looking up these things in some cases may be a cry for help but in others it is just kids looking for easy suicide tips in silence so they can complete the task.

Though browsing histories for easy ways to commit suicide without pain are saved on hard drives and even social media posts about the topic can be accessed by law enforcement, it is generally not done until after the act has been committed. Even parents who go out of their way to prevent their children from being online unsupervised find that it can be almost impossible to keep a child from looking up easy painless suicide if this is what they want. They can use a friend’s computer, go to the library or even use their mobile phones.

How Kids Commit Suicide

A common misconception about suicide is that it is always done with a gun. Now a lot of suicides are committed this way, but it is just one way that people do this. One easy way to suicide that many teens choose is poisoning. Suffocation is another popular option that many people choose. There are other easy ways to suicide that teens can choose but in the end it generally comes down to what is available to them and what they are going through.

Signs of Suicide

The good news is that you do not have to wait to see easy ways to commit suicide at home in your child’s browser history to know what is going on. There are a few signs that can indicate that your child or teen may be suicidal. These signs include:

  • The teen seems more withdrawn than normal
  • They simply are not acting like themselves
  • Loss of interest in friends
  • No longer wanting to invest time and energy into interests
  • Their appearance changes
  • They have difficulty getting along with other people
  • Drug or alcohol usage
  • Wanting to be alone for long periods of time
  • Having issues sleeping
  • Dramatic changes in their personality
  • Eating habits change, either more or less over a short period of time
  • Teens giving away their possessions
  • Rebelling in any number of ways, especially in ways that are out of the ordinary for them
  • Talk of suicide, even if it is in a joking manner- four out of five teens who kill themselves threaten it first.

Risk Factors for Suicide

Another aspect to think about before your child even starts to look up an easy way to commit suicide is what their risk is for this. There are several factors that can indicate a chance of this happening to them in the future, including:

While this is not a definitive list, it is important to know that these signs can be indicative of teens who are considering suicide easy way out. If your child or teen is at risk for suicide then it is important that you keep an extra careful watch on them to ensure that this is something that they never even attempt.

How You Can Help

If you have a teen that is considering suicide easy ways to handle this is to get them help. You should take them to be evaluated by a mental health facility. Even if your child is simply threatening to commit suicide, have them Baker acted. While they may be mad about this, it is the best way to ensure that they are being evaluated and can get the treatment they need.

For teens who exhibit the signs of suicidal tendencies without actually looking up quick and easy suicide or talking about it, you should still have them see a therapist. Do not put this off because they have not mentioned it. In some cases people just do it. They don’t talk about and they do not leave a letter. It is better to be safe and have them seek treatment rather than waiting to see if the problem resolves itself.

It is also important to note that many teens who search easy ways of suicide and even some who attempt it are not trying to actually kill themselves. Rather they are simply trying to get help or attention. This is why it is important to make sure that you are involved in your child’s life and understanding what is going on with them.

There are support groups for people who have contemplated or have attempted suicide. These support groups are designed to help give teens and adults a community that understands what they feel and can be supportive of them. This can be a huge part of recovery for these people to help them go on to lead meaningful lives.

Talking With Your Child

Talk to them daily and make time to do things one on one with them. This will not only create great memories you both will cherish but it will create a better bond which in turn fosters the kind of trust needed for your teen to confide in you.

Also, do not treat suicide like it is the elephant in the room that you cannot talk about. Ask them if they have ever thought about. Talk about the loss the family experiences. Explain to them the tragedy of someone killing themselves, even someone who is so young with their whole lives ahead of them.

On top of this, make sure you are checking in on your kids. Check out the sites they spend time on. If you find that they are looking up things such as suicide made easy or quick easy suicide, then you need to discuss this with them right away.

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