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Drug Testing In Schools

drug testing in schools

Drug testing in schools should be obligatory for all students at least once per year. Every school has that one student that is always tired in the morning and sleeps in class all the time. Most likely, this would be a student that brings the addiction lifestyle to school premises. Drug testing in schools will figure out if this student is actually an addict or just some randomly, lazy student.

Many people wonder if high school athletes should be drug tested. The answer is yes. Drug testing of high school athletes will make them stronger yet more humble. They will understand the privilege of being the stars of their schools. 

An additional reason why athletes should be tested for drugs is due to the intoxicating long-term effects that drugs such as marijuana, heroin and crack cocaine have on the brain. In case of high school athletes, this could impair them from making the proper decisions while competing in the school’s name. If the drug addiction was discovered through an outside source, it could taint the name of the whole school.

Drug-Free School Zone

A drug-free school zone is every teacher’s and parent’s haven. From a legal angle, no drugs are allowed near or in the school. If a student tested positive for drugs, the school administration deals with this individual case whether by demanding counseling, follow-up tests or referring the student to an effective local drug addiction treatment program. The latter decision is made in case of addiction only.

In case of drug dealing, the accused is charged for distributing drugs in a drug-free school zone. This is a double penalty for illegal drug-related activities.

drug testing in schools

High School Drug Testing

High school drug testing has encouraged many states to develop more drug rehabilitation programs. These programs save teen junkies from ultimately being thrown into the local juvenile center. Drug use in high schools is very common today. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, over 28.4% of 8th, 10th and 12th graders have been using drugs in 2013.

Random drug testing in schools is one way to monitor drug abuse among students. The mechanism of this method involves picking one or two random students from the school’s student body to undergo drug testing using a random process. This method is legal only in case of students participating in competitive, extracurricular activities.

Mandatory Drug Testing In Schools

Mandatory drug testing in schools have been implemented by some U.S. districts. Generalized assumptions and conclusions couldn’t be made due to the fact that the 7 states in which the U.S. government upvoted this program are not representative of the whole country. However, there were many positive outcomes including how the testing didn’t affect students’ participation in extracurricular activities and how many students reported declining the desire to experiment with drugs in the future.

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Paying For Drug Tests

The main reason why schools do not give out many drug tests is because they have to pay for them. However, schools should look for national state programs that would fund these tests which would roughly cost $5,000-$10,000 for every 1,000 student.

To solve the problem of funding for drug testing in schools, a Third Party Administrator (TPA) could be hired. A TPA is an outside agency employed by the school to manage drug testing processes. They could help by raising money for the tests through grants from private organizations, local businesses, nonprofit foundations or donations from local businessmen in the area.

Another option would be making students who test positive pay for it. At almost two hundred dollars, students that test positive will never use drugs again at least not during the school year. This will help balance out the major costs and schools will save money in the end, too.


The information herein explains all of the reasons why teachers, parents and students should support drug testing in schools. If the nation achieved drug-free zones in every school of the country, your kids’ futures will be bright, safe and well-balanced.

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