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The Addicting Truth about Drug Addiction

Many people think they know what drug addiction is, but they do not realize how deep this type of addiction goes. Drug addiction destroys families, relationships, and any other situation you can think of. The good news in this situation is that help is available.

Meet the Drug Addict

A drug addict is a person who is addicted to a drug. It may not be the most addictive drug; crystal meth or from past years, cocaine and heroine, but there is still an addiction. Some people become accidental drug addicts while others are looking for something, a product that will take them away from the troubles and pains in their life, and take them to another world. Although a drug addict may only get a “high” for five minutes or less, most drug addicts are willing and ready to spend their entire life savings for their next high. Drug addicts come in all races, sizes, and careers. Many people assume that all drug users are poor people, but some drugs are expensive. Rich people use drugs just like any other person who is an addict.

Ineffective Treatment Methods

Many people do not want to take the time to understand why a person is on drugs or offer help. Instead of offering a solution to the problem, they often make matters worse by hollering, screaming, and often leaving the person without a place to call home. There are more effective ways of getting an addict to seek help, and it starts with having a support group.

Effective Treatment Techniques

One of the best drug addiction treatment methods is a support group. Support group are essential because they help people make it through tough times on their journey. Some drug addicts experience a relapse because they lack the motivation to quit, and they do not have anyone to help push them forward in the right direction.

Withdrawal Method

Some people choose to take the difficult road a quitting or kicking the habit on their own. This is the first option for addicts who do not have a support group or money to attend a rehab facility. The withdrawal method is difficult because most addicts quit cold turkey which means they wake up one day, and decide to quit without preparing themselves for the journey ahead. This is the most popular method of treatment that often leads to a relapse. Some drug addicts find their way through the storm, but many do not.

Rehab Facility

Drug addicts who have a support group available may attend a rehab facility. Rehab facilities often consist of five or more rooms that are specifically designed for recovering addicts to help them get their life on track, and return to the world a changed person. Most rehab facilities are expensive, but it is a great investment for an addict who is ready to better their lives.


Counseling is the perfect form of treatment for an addict who is ready to discuss their options that involve quitting. Counseling is great for an addict and family and friends to attend to show their love and support.

Self-Help Groups

Self-help groups are the best for addicts who are recovering on their own, without the help of a support group. Self-help groups create a support group with other addicts who want to recover and move on with their lives. These self-help groups enable recovering addicts to have a sense of hope and belonging, and help them get on their feet and succeed.


Some addicts can quit their addiction with the help of medications, such as depressants and stimulants.


Some depressants help addicts calm the feeling and sensation of wanting to get high or drink the night away. A few side effects of depressants include:

  • increased blood pressure
  • anxiety
  • restlessness
  • hallucinations


Stimulants help some drug addicts cope with the trials and frustration of daily life without resorting to drugs. A few side effects of stimulants include:

  • anxiety
  • fatigue
  • intense cravings
  • depression


Drugs and alcohol cause many different problems and complications.

Health Concerns

Doing drugs can cause many health concerns that have short term and long-term effects. Depending upon an addicts drug of choice, the long-term or short term effects may vary in severity. Some common health concerns include coma, HIV, heart disease, liver complications, and death.

Accidents and Mishaps

Drug users are more likely to have an accident in the car or at work when they are under the influence. Drug users who have been using drugs for years may find it difficult to properly function without the drug in their system. This is a dangerous system for everyone.


Some drug users have thoughts of suicide while they are using drugs or when they come down from their high. It is a known fact that drug addicts commit suicide more than people who do not use drugs. Drugs can alter the mind and cause damaging changes within the body.

Problems within the Family

Problems within the family are a common complication that drug users have. Some addicts have families that are there with them to the end, and other drug addicts had family that was there for them. Every family is not built to withstand the tests of time when drug addiction is involved. The drug users who have family left endure a constant battle with kicking their addiction and dealing with themselves for what they have become.

Issues at Work

Drug users who can keep a job may have issues at work. Constant drug use causes the human body to deteriorate rapidly which effects many people’s perception and thought process. A drug addict’s work ethic and performance may decline rapidly while their attitude is on a steady plummet to the bottom.

Legal Matters

Drug users put themselves and others at risk when they give in to their habit. As far as legal matters are concerned, drug addicts put themselves face to face with the law by stealing and doing other things to help them receive the high they are looking for.

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