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Different Bullying Lessons To Teach To Kids

Different Bullying Lessons To Teach To Kids

Using bullying lessons to teach kids about what is bullying and why it is so harmful is a great idea. The problem is a lot of people are not sure how they can use these lessons to help them out and this often leads to them not getting to teach kids about what bullying is, how to report bullying, and even if they are a victim of a bully. By having these lessons to teach to the kids, people will start to feel better about the education they are giving to their kids and know that this is going to help them grow up to be good citizens, rather than continue their bullying actions. Sometimes people may find that the best way to reach to the kids is by using the cyber bullying lessons for kids since so many kids are identifying with the Internet based education anymore.

Educate About What Bullying Is

Typically the reason why people will start to bully others is they are not really sure what makes up bullying or even what it is. When this happens the kids will not realize what they are doing is wrong and when they do start to realize that they were bullying other kids, they tend to stop the action they were doing and this helps to stop any of the issues that were happening. Here are a couple of ways to educate more about what bullying is and how it can be stopped.

– Provide role playing games for the kids to perform in or watch as played out by adults. When these games are showcased, the kids will get to see first hand what they are doing is wrong, but also see how it is affecting the other person. Even if people are just feeling this way because they are acting, it will still make the kids stop and think more about the actions they are doing and how these are affecting the people who they are doing this towards.

Lessons that are based in paper and books is another way to get the point across. These lessons may not work as well, because most of the time kids tend to blow off book work and assignments that are on paper. However, the lessons when given in the classroom are going to be completed and the kids will understand more about what a bully is and how they can avoid having any type of problems when they are dealing with a bully of their own.

– Cyber lessons is another great option. As more and more kids have turned to doing most of their work on the computer people will need to adapt their lessons to this as well. So they are going to want to make sure they are considering the cyber lessons for bullying that are available. Sometimes these cyber lessons will combine the paper style lessons of questions, with the role playing lessons that the kids are already seeing. This will allow for direct interaction without anyone having their feelings hurt in real life, but still get the point across about what the bully is doing to people and how wrong this is of them.

Educate People About How To Report Bullying

Typically a bully will get away with their actions because they are never reported. The reason these go unreported is people do not know who they should report the action to or even what they should report. This is going to help stop the bully from doing their action against some people. but it will also provide some protection to the people who were being bullied before they found out how to report the incident.

– Provide resources that is going to make it easy to report the bullying is the first thing the schools or other locations need to do. By having these places set aside, it will be easy for people to go and report the bullying action without having to be concerned about being outed. However, the people need to be taught more about where the locations are and how they can be used.

– Something else that should be done with the bullying lessons is for people to know what kind of information they need to report for the report to be a good one. Remember that most of the time these people are not going to know about what kind of information should be reported. For example, the kids or people being bullied may not know they need to report what was done to them and where this took place. By having this information it allows action to be taken to protect others from the bully.

Teach People About What Type Of Actions Can Be Taken Against The Bully

Finally people need to know what can happen to them if they are a bully. Sometimes people will bully other people because they think it is fun and do not think that anything will happen to them. However, when people learn more about what can happen to them if they are bullying other people they tend to take notice about their actions and this can easily lead to them stopping the bullying they were doing to the people.

– Educate the people about the immediate actions that can happen to a bully is the first step. These immediate actions can include being detained in the school after hours, being suspended or expelled. However, these can also lead to the bully ending up missing out on some of the activities they enjoy doing such as sports. Without this immediate affect the bully may think they are able to get away with what they are doing and this can easily lead to the bully continuing their action.

– After the bullies are aware of the immediate affect of what can happen to them, they should be taught some of the long term affects being a bully can have on their life. Some of the long term affects that are present can include being sent to jail for extended periods of time, having to cope with the loss of friends and family. However, the bully may also find out they are not as big as what they think and could try to pick on someone who is much bigger than they are and this can easily lead to the bully ending up in the hospital because their plan of picking on someone backfired and resulted in them being hurt.

As many people have found out the bully lessons that are present are a lot harder to educate people than what they think. This is when people should know more information about how they are able to find the cyber bullying lessons for kids and start to use these for the educational purposes. Once they know about these lessons, they can start to use these in their school and classroom and know that people will be educated properly on what type of issues they have to face. Without this information, people will have trouble in getting to educate other people about the bullying that is happening and how they can start to report the problems that they are facing at any given time.

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