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Depression Helpline: Take Advantage Of One Today

Depression Helpline Take Advantage Of One Today

A depression helpline is just one of the many ways to get kids the help they need. Depression can overtake the lives of your children all because they are being bullied in school. Don’t think it’s not happening to your child.

The facts about bullying are startling. Did you know that more than 3 million students are bullied in school each and every year? If your child isn’t one of them, they probably know someone who is. Depression is something that affects everyone – and the statistics are evident throughout the UK and Ireland.

Teachers are not stepping in as often as they should be. Most teachers don’t see anything wrong with bullying and they will only step in about 4 percent of the time. This leaves 96 percent of the time for children to fend for themselves. Most children don’t know how to deal with being bullied, which is why a depression helpline can be so important to them.

You may not know what to say to your kids. You may not even know what’s going on at school. If your children aren’t opening up to you and they aren’t telling you what’s taking place in their everyday lives, you may be in the dark – and this can be a dangerous place for you to be.

Suicide is a common reaction for students to take. They don’t know how to overcome the bullying and they are degraded so much that they take their own lives just as a way to make it stop. You don’t have to lose your child over bullying – but you do have to figure out a way for your children to get the help they need.

Suicide rates currently show that a British male is three times more likely to commit suicide than a British female. Kids are not the only ones that are represented by these statistics, either. Adults can suffer from depression and thoughts of suicide as well.

A depression helpline can provide your children (and you) with the outlet they need to talk and sort out the issues. The hotline is manned by people who know about bullying and know how to provide a forum for children to be able to talk about situations in an anonymous manner. The people on the hotline can often provide hope for your children and urge them to come forward and speak to you about what is going on.

The last thing that most children want is to tell their parents. They know that if they tell you, they are only going to be ridiculed more when you step in to save the day. The bullies in school may have even told them they are going to make their lives more miserable if they do go to a parent or teacher. Out of fear, kids say nothing.

Depression Helpline: Teach Kids About the Hotline

You may not be able to do anything about bullying until your child comes forward and tells you they are being bullied, but you can look out for the signs of depression. Whether your child is no longer their talkative, bright self, they are removed from school activities, or they are not following their standard eating habits, you need to pay attention to the cues and do something about it.

A depression helpline can be introduced to your children in a number of ways. If you think they are having issues, place the number of a depression helpline on the refrigerator. Print out a brochure and put it on their bed. Send them a text with the number. Email them a website link. You have to provide this opportunity to them in any way you can.

If you aren’t comfortable talking with your children or they don’t want to talk to you, it’s hard to tell them that they need to call a depression helpline. However, if they aren’t talking to you, they have to talk to someone. The volunteers on a hotline can help your child on a level that you cannot because of the anonymity factor.

Statistics have shown that depression hotlines help. If your children aren’t getting help from the teachers or from their friends and they won’t talk to you, what are you supposed to do? You can’t sit back and watch your child sink deeper into a state of depression. Their grades are going to suffer, they may start losing weight, turn to drugs and even think about suicide.

Bullying has a way of tearing down the fibers of a child’s personality. A child feels as though they are no longer a valued person. If friends don’t stick with them through the bullying, they may feel as though the bully has won and that they have no one else to turn to. Bullying has become a significant problem around the United States and you may need to address it in a roundabout way.

Introduce your child to a depression helpline or call one yourself. The person on the other end of the line can provide valuable information and assure you that you’re not alone. Help is out there. If you can’t give help to your child, make sure they know somewhere else to get the help so they can end the bullying and regain their life.

Learn more about Dealing with Teenage Depression and spread the word about needing a Depression Helpline now!

Have you worked for a Depression Helpline? has a Depression Helpline helped you or a loved one overcome depression? Tell us about your experience in asking a Depression Helpline for help!

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